Team Fortress 2 Public Beta

Team Fortress 2 will be changing a lot. Valve has announced a public beta for new additions and other things. To join the beta you must have a copy of TF2. The changes are so far:
Three Natascha variants:

-40% damage
-25% damage, -25% health
Spin-up/down time increased, slowdown-on-hit effect falls off over distance.
Map changes:

cp_granary: new entrance added into the RED and BLU mid ramp room.
cp_5gorge: 5 CP version of cp_gorge.
Misc balance changes:

Players being healed by a medic are immune to movement-impairing effects generated by hit-scan weapons.
Source: official TF2 Blog

10 Kommentare:

Diego said...

Interesting data, for getting to know this new release

Jlatupee said...

If only I could play the game =(

McSnitches said...

Looks crazy, what could they be planning.

ImmaFrog said...

I'll be joining soon

GemmaAndHannah said...

love team fortess!

Smile said...

Natascha is a gun?

level85nerd said...

@ Smile:
Yes, it is. A minigun like Sasha (from the heavy wepons guy)

Reilly said...

crap :( don't ave the game

Suciô Sanchez said...

Could never get to love TF2.
Don't know why - just never clicked.

Tal Zahn said...

TF2 looks so awesome, but I never got it since I don't have a computer that would handle it nor system for it (if it is on one, heh)

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