iPhone 5, hm?

More and more cell phones are getting into the market, super touchscreen and sexy mobile devices aren‘t unique anymore. Apple is getting big competition from Samsung, HTC and the other manufactures - the iPhone 4 isn‘t up to date. So what‘s the consequence? Right. Apple has to release a new iPhone generation to hold pace and maybe make another milestone. Around the internet there are a lot of rumors and specs about the iPhone 5. I will give a little overview on how the iPhone 5 will look in my eyes.

iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S ?
There is a big discussion about the name or whether the new iPhone is just an update or a brand new device. People say, to stick with the other companies Apple wants to first make only a update with better performance, new iOS-version but the same design. Personally I am the converse opinion. I think apple faithful remains their strategy that there is one iPhone release per year, in the early summer around June. There are clear structures: new iPods in September, new iPhone in June... So why should they change anything?

The design of the new iPhone will be different from the actual iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 design doesn‘t proved popular so much ‘cause of the antenna problems. Maybe it‘s the thinnest phone ever and very gallant with all the glass and aluminum - but the new iPhone 5 will be different in an unexpected and revolutionary way. Of course noble materials, a lot of metal and so on will be used to generate a new irresistible, sexy device to blow the rivalry away. Apple earned so much money with the iPhone that there must be enough cash to develop at least one perfect cell phone per year. Technics Another important point are the technical specs - a lot has to be improved by comparison to the actual iPhone and the other great phones like Galaxy S2. Nearly every new high-end cell phone has a dual-core inside. The iPhone with it‘s A4 1GHz CPU is old-school - so probably Apple will put it‘s A5 dual-core, used in the iPad, into the new iPhone.

Also the RAM has to be raised from 512MB to at least 1024MB not to get bottlenecks. Maybe there will be even more than 1gig of RAM to underline Apples leading position.

For two generations the iPhones have the variations of 16 and 32gig storage, whereas the iPod Touch already has a 64GB version for a long time. So why should it be impossible to raise the storage from 16 and 32GB to 32 and 64GB? A 64GB iPhone isn‘t impossible and would be a very handy thing. Display The display of the iPhone 4 was a little revolution, the Retina-display has a wonderful picture and one of the best qualities on the market. So in this point Apple doesn‘t have to change anything - except the size. A four inch display instead of an 3,5“ display with the same retina-resolution would be the next step, but because of the compatibility with all the accessories and tools it is questionable whether it become truth.

Beside these main changes, there will be some little changes like a better battery to power the A5 and a new iOS-version with some new features.

So all in all I would say we are going to receive a new great masterpiece of Apple and this in only a few weeks or months. The new iPhone 5 is going to fight for the top of the rankings again and will give a new challenge to the big cell phone developers. Source: itough-magazine

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Sean said...

I look forward to it. What I don't look forward to is how they plan on scamming people of their money

kxxthanxx said...

apple trying to make more money?

Major.Mack said...

iPhone hater here....no comment

Jay said...


Colin Biano said...

i probably won't be getting one

Insider33 said...

Looks pretty cool, cooler than my 3G

RageCompeX said...

already a new one..comone!

HiFi said...

I don't know why apple would call it an Iphone 5. they should just give it a new case and call it by a different name. That way the old iphones won't seem so obsolete.

Anonymous said...

♥ :))

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