Crysis 2 Ultra Upgrade - Released

Crytek has released the 1.9 Patch and the Ultra Upgrade for their shooter Crysis 2.

First of all, the patch can be seen as requirement for the Ultra Upgrade, which features new graphic elements in the main part. The HDR motion blur will be improved, as well as the water rendering.
The High-Res-Texture-Pack is only available for DirectX 11, so DX10 or even DX9 user won't see these new graphics.


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The Dawg said...

Looks like they're keeping up the tradition of being top of the line graphics-wise.

Zombie said...

oh wow! Those graphics are gorgeous!! O.o

Braden said...

The graphics look awesome but unfortunately my computer can barely run counterstrike 1.6 haha

HardstyleFever said...

Nice never known for a FPS game to release better graphics upgrade as a patch.
But the game does look good, graphics wise.

ScottD said...

wow awesome graphics!


Looks like a good patch.

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