[Solved] Battlefield 3 - Kicked by Admin

Problem: After joining a server in Battlefield 3 multiplayer, you get kicked from it instantly or after a short time with the popping message KICKED BY ADMIN.

Solution: The problem is not the admin as you might have already noticed. It's the anti-cheat tool Punkbuster that kicks you out. Follow these steps to solve the issue:

1. You have to download the latest version of the anti-cheat tool Punkbuster from their official website. Open the zip file and extract it somewhere, on your desktop for example.

2. Next you run Punkbuster by clicking on the pbsetup.exe in the extracted folder. When the Terms of Agreement appear, click I Agree.

3. When the Punkbuster program has started, click on the top left-hand corner on Add a Game and Battlefield 3.After that make sure to click on Add Game to add Battlefield 3 to the list.

4. The last thing to do is clicking on Check for Updates so Punkbuster updates for Battlefield 3 and the anti-cheat tool is up to date.

These four steps solve the kicked by admin problem many players have, thanks to scene-gamers.de for this solution.

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Mark said...

I still say it's just a jerk of an admin

aamedor said...

so let me get this straight, to play a game I paid money for I have to download a spy program and install it willingly just to get the functionality that I paid $50+ for? hmm no thanks guess Ill pass on BF3

Tony Van Helsing said...

Nice advice, irrelevant for me though. For I am Punkbuster.

Anonymous said...

I do this out of ritual, as soon as I find out a game needs Punkbuster, breakout the pbsetup. It's sad but apparently the game devs or publisher thought it was necessary.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this

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