Battlefield 3's Battlelog system were hacked on December 29, 2012. This attack includes all accounts, passwords and private information for the shooter Battlefield 3 and  Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The hacker also set up several fake information about the alpha of Battlefield 4.

As reported, an online survey was started about the alpha version of Battlefield 4. Thereafter, the hacker posted a link where you could sign up for this alpha, but this link was a phishing website! The developer of the whole Battlelog system, DarkLord7854, said that all passwords, accounts and private information are safe. EA removed this survey short after it appeared.
Nevertheless, if you signed up for the fake alpha version of Battlefield 4, change your passwords to make sure they weren't hacked.


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Hope they dont have my acccount...

Briyani Missisipi said...

Good information.

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