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"ESL Extreme Masters: Pro Gaming" (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel
When it comes to online gaming, sport video games are amongst the most popular in the business. Every year, fans flock to their favourite stores on release day to purchase the latest soccer, football or hockey game – and the developers always seem to make a major adjustment or introduction that everybody loves.
From the best of Pro Evolution Soccer to the newest edition of NHL, avid sport gamers all over the world will have their own views on which video game is the greatest. We’ve had a look at three of the latest releases and given our thoughts on the pros and cons of these particular games; so scroll down and check them out.

FIFA aficionados were excited to see the introduction of "The Journey"; a brand new, unique concept that incorporated many of the same features as NBA’s story mode. With old classics including career mode, Ultimate Team and online seasons, FIFA 17 caters for traditional soccer devotees whilst appealing to new players too.

On the whole, FIFA 17 has to go down in history as one of the most inventive and influential games in the series. The soccer game is famous across the globe and EASPORTS have clearly worked very hard to incorporate a range of new features for the latest edition. It still needs work on realistic movement and ratings - for instance, Manchester United are rated as the best team in England but in fact sit sixth in the Premier League table. But overall, FIFA 17 deserves plenty of credit.

Madden 17
With live messages keeping you up to date with breaking NFL news and results, Madden 17 has helped to bridge the gap between gaming and real life. In the career mode, you are praised and criticised by genuine journalists on in-game "social media" – all through your personal results and experiences in the game.

One way that Madden 17 could be improved is by incorporating more roster movement on a regular basis. Sometimes the servers can take a while to acknowledge trades and injury report news. Take the Green Bay Packers, priced at 5/1 to win the Super Bowl in NFL betting odds with bet365, for example; they are much stronger with star wide receiver Jordy Nelson fit and in the side. The Packers' offense should lose ranking points while he is inactive; regular updates would help to keep everything relevant to the real life situation.

NBA 2K17
The "2K17" franchise is the leading basketball game on the planet and it is also arguably one of the most entertaining video games on the market. If you’re an NBA fan, this is THE game for you – whether you’re new to gaming or not. There are a number of different difficulty levels and various game types, ranging from 1-on-1 contests to the NBA Finals.

With up-to-the-minute updates on America’s primary basketball division whilst in game, you can keep up with real life results and news. With the option to introduce Guest teams and MyLeague Expansions, NBA2K17 really does have it all when it comes to an overall well rounded gameplay experience. It truly is the perfect game for every basketball fan around.

Bingo In The Online World

When we hear Bingo we think about the traditional offline game. It’s played all around the world by a lot of people. And it’s not just for children or the elderly but for people of every age.

The rules of the Bingo game are simple. Each player gets a 5x5 card with random numbers or letter/number combinations printed on it. Then numbers, or the letter/number combinations, are completely randomly picked by a moderator, who announces the drawn number to the player. If the drawn number is on the player’s card, he marks it with a pen. The middle of the 5x5 card is in most cases already marked on every player’s card. The moderator draws another number for the player to mark. As soon as a player gets a certain pattern with the marked numbers on his card, he wins by saying ‘Bingo!’ out loud. In most cases the winning patterns are straight lines or diagonals.   

The famous Bingo game is not only offline available and popular. There are plenty of possibilities to play this game online. If you’re looking for a good website to play Bingo on, try the website. This is not just a classic gambling website, but it compares different Bingo gaming sites. For example, if you’re looking for the biggest welcome bonus for new players to the online Bingo games, you can just check out their ranking and register on their recommended website. On top of that, you should read the tips and tricks mentioned on their site before starting to play in order to avoid Bingo sites which are not safe or unfair. I wish you the best of luck for your first online Bingo game. 

The Variety of Online Gaming

Since the early days of the internet, online gaming had always been a big part of it. The connection and communication of players, who were not sitting next to each other in front of the monitor but somewhere around the world, made internet gaming so big.

Nowadays there is a huge list of games available for the players on every platform. Be it on your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or else: You can jump ‘n run through levels, play fantasy games, solve puzzles, or gamble some.

Gambling is one big part of the online gaming community with many fans and players out there. One of the most famous game genre out there is the slot machine genre, where you can roll and hope for your lines to connect. Before submitting your bet, you choose which lines you want to play and hope to connect with similar pictures. In every game there are a lot of different pictures to arise, some of them hiding bonus spins, extra winnings or more secrets to explore in online games in Slot.

The layout of

 Due to the variety of different outcomes of a slot machine, there is no point where everything is exactly the same from the spin before. You can always look for something new. The games itself have different themed layouts. So if you’re a fan of animals, zombies, or the classic casino looking slot machines, you can play the style you want. The rules for these games are simple to learn. As I mentioned above, you just hit the spin button and wait for the lines to connect. When multiple lines connect in the same time, you can win more in comparison to just one line. There are ordinary pictures to give small winnings, but there are also bonus pictures to give more than just one simple winning line. Multiple rare pictures combined in a line bring in the most winnings or bonus spins. Enjoy your game!

Combination of farm and mmorpg games possible?

There are several current farm games out there, which some you might have already seen. The goal in these kind of games is to grow plants in your small garden and receive rewards for it to grow your garden even more and make it more beautiful. This key element is now combined with features of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or short mmorpgs.

In farm games like Miramagia you are able to choose between different classes which will change your game experience a lot. To match the play style you want, you can choose between these classes including Sorcerer, Shaman, Mage, or a Druid. Maybe you just like the look of one class better than another? Here is a video of the game to give you an impression what it looks like and what you can do:

As in many role-playing games, you can do different quests during you play time. Even daily quests are there for you to do so you can receive the promised rewards once a day. As you can see, this free fantasy browser game combines farm games with mmorpgs and features all classical elements of this genre such as dragons, fairies, and magical items.

Speaking of dragons, you as player can choose a small dragon in the game which you will raise to become bigger and stronger. When you think your dragon is good enough, you can compete with other players’ dragons and make races with them. So you don’t have to play this game alone just for yourself. You can interact with other players by challenging them, giving them a present or trade your earned stuff with them. Of course, you can just chat with them, too. If you want to customize your game experience, you can use cosmetic items and make your garden or village more beautiful. For people interested, here is a screenshot of the game:


The Change Of Offline To Online Gaming

In a time before the internet there was no discussion: Playing video games was just an offline thing. People played on consoles or PC and to play multiplayer games your friends had to sit next to you. Today, the online gaming has changed a lot, but is it a good or a bad change?  

The online gaming sector is very diverse. On the one hand classic  video games  have to be bought in retail or online stores and included single- and multiplayer. On the other hand there are a lot of games which are free-to-play, downloadable and online, including an in-game financing method. Compared to classic video games, these games can either be cheaper or more expensive depending on your play style and the game itself. 

Online gaming brought a huge variety of games. Just think about any niche and there will be online games to play, no matter if you want to gamble, play a shooter, role play, or a strategy game. This whole gaming variety leads to bigger competition for all of the developers and people behind every game. 

From the player’s perspective, this is an advantage. For example, if you want to gamble on a real roulette table, there are only a few options close by. They can choose the admission to enter the casino and the limits of each table. However there is such a huge variety of online casinos that not a single one of them could afford an admission without losing players. It’s quite the contrary, sites like  offer even a bonus if you play on their site. Of course the classic offline casinos have a lot of competition with the online alternative many players choose. The same with video games and the retail stores: People can just buy their games via steam without leaving their house and sometimes even buy with a big discount. 

 Conclusion is that many developers struggle with the enormous competition but for the players, this is just another advantage.          

Pictures from: jDevaun, Todd Klassy