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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Halo 4 uses Old Engine

Halo 4 will use the same eingine as Halo 3 but with several improvements.

Possible box art of Halo 4

Microsoft announced at the end of their E3 press conference the new Halo 4, and that's not everything. With it a whole new Halo trilogy was announced, so a fifth and sixth sequel are for sure.  
Rumours say that Halo 4 is being developed for years now and will be released at christmas time 2012. Phil Spencer, vice president of the Microsoft Studios, talked in an interview with IGN about the new title and revealed that there would be no new engine included but the old Halo 3 engine with some improvements by 343 Industries. If you expected much better graphics, you could be disappointed. 
Phil told IGN also that if the HD remake of Halo 1, called "Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary", would be a moderate success, the chances of a remake of Halo 2 are very good. Further Microsoft announced their plans about the releases of new Halo titles. There will be no new Halo game every year which could hint to the new Xbox 720 with Halo 5 or Halo 6 as launch titles, to demonstrate the power of the new console. Information will be revealed at the E3 2012.

If you're interested in the Xbox 720, don't miss the next post.

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The Dawg said...

Will the Halo franchise never end?

Zombie said...

Why didnt they just overhaul the entire thing?

mens said...

damn, did you visit the E3 or what?:P
like what i'm reading!
follow'd (not that you need it)

Hash said...

Halo is the best game out there!

level85nerd said...

@ mens:
Unfortunately, I didn't visit the E3. It's about 6000 miles away from my home.

Reilly said...


Stuck In Syndey said...

its worse than harry potter, all ican say is tight arses... where does all the money from sale go?? they dont pay the staff that much!

thenitefalls said...

Halo 4 sounds like it will be alright, but this is the first time hearing about the xbox 720!

kxxthanxx said...


Ivan Montiel said...

Another Halo game? ... Like we need any more of them.

Generally Disgruntled said...

And I'm gonna have to buy it

ScottD said...

never liked halo. meh

Godotofwar said...

Twitting for great justice, damn microsoft

Ningen said...

only played halo one on pc, but as it's for xbox I probably won't really play it ever;_;

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