Battlefield 3 - Knife & Sniper

The killing with knives is changed from Bad Company 2.There are also changes in the multiplayer to prevent the sniper camping in BF 3.

In addition: DICE confirmed that there will be NO modding tools in Battlefield 3 due to the complexity of the Frostbite 2 Engine.

The knife:
In Battlefield Bad Company 2 the player was able to kill an enemy with one single stab with the knife. The reward was a dogatag of the killed enemy, a bronze, silver, or a golden one, depending on his rank.
In Battlefield 3 ONLY a direct stab in the back of the enemy causes an instant kill and a dogtag. If you try to stab him in the chest, you'll need TWO stabs to kill him but without a dogtag.

Sniper camping:
Everyone hates the sniper camper. In BC 2 the player couldn't lay down but in BF 3 he can. To prevent camping DICE implements a new feature. The rifle of every sniper, who's laying too long at the same spot, will reflect the light. So if you think you know his location perhaps, you will see his reflection which revealed his exact location.

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The Dawg said...

Sounds like they're balancing things out nicely. The light reflection thing sounds really cool.

Jay said...

no more campers! :)

erics said...

camping is the worst thing about first person shooters. i'm glad that they're addressing this matter.

Major.Mack said...

good "annoying sniper prick" prevention. the knife thing is good too. More realistic

MRanthrope said...

If a sniper ever has to use his know he dun goofed some where along the line.

Jazz bazooka said...

looks like some one is working on this baby

HardstyleFever said...

Sounds alright, sounds as if the knife is going to be the same as BC 2 which is alright but I do like running around with my knife out.

Braden said...

I have been playing a lot of TF2 lately and I like that BF has adopted the insta-kill stab to the back only model. It works a lot better in my opinion. I still don't fully understand the light glimmer thing but so long as it enables me to shoot at where a camping sniper is I am happy :)

Patrik said...

"If a sniper ever has to use his know he dun goofed some where along the line. "

True. But there aren't any snipers in Battlefield 3. But there are some long-ranged rifles, mostly available to the recon class. The recon class is very good at getting up close too.

The more you know..

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