Battlefield 3 - Open Beta Details

An open beta for everyone - even without key - was confirmed by Community Manager zh1nt0 in September.

Scene from: Thunder Run Gameplay Trailer

If you buy the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor, you'll get a key for the beta of Battlefield 3. This beta is a different from the open beta!
First, there will be a seperate beta for purchaser of Medal of Honor, but no exact date were mentioned. Somewhere in August is most likely.
Second, there will be an open beta for everyone interested in September, without key. Community Manager zh1nt0 said via Twitter they "confirmed that during E3 and across all platforms".

Here are also several new details for the multiplayer part, all confirmed by Alan Kertz aka Demize99:

1. Generally bricks are pretty good at stopping assault rifle rounds. We tried .50cal going through brick, it was unbalanced.
2. Is it true that there is lens flare in BF3 for Recon's sniper rifle scopes?
Answer: Yes there is a lens flare on high zoom optics when they are pointed right at you.
3. All multiplayer characters are male.
4. If a vehicle (a tank for example) swims in real life, it swims in game.
5. All health and armor values are universal for all kits. Meaning everyone has the same amount of hit points and run at the same speed.
6. There is a revive animation for a player who has opted to be revived (like rolling around in pain for example).
7. There's a variety of optics with a variety of zoom levels. Meaning optic zoom will be adjustable, like ACOG=4x-2x and regular=8x-6x (This is only an example).
8. The destruction in game is better than in Bad Company 2. Every platform will be taken to its maximum.

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my day in a sentence said...

All I can say is that the graphics look sick! O_o

The Dawg said...

Sounds like it might be good.

lighterside said...

oooh! It's always good to hear about a beta :D. Thanks for the heads up.

Zombie said...

I cant wait for this game to come out! :)

Tony Van Helsing said...

I'm looking forward to this one. I played the Bad Company games but not the straight Battlefield ones.

Dieguii said...

oh my goooooooooooooood, love this amazing saga!
i'll have to try it :D

MRanthrope said...

now this look appetizing.

LoneIslander said...

Sounds pretty good so far.

ElliotGreen said...

I must say, the graphics in this new battlefield game rival most others i have seen in recent months...

Mike said...

This game sounds better and better as it gets closer to release date.

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