Battlefield 3 - Weapon Systems

Alan Kertz also known as Demize99 has answered several questions about weapon systems, bullet drop and optics to mount on weapons.

These details Demize99 has revealed about Battlefield 3 and its multiplayer:

1. There is gravity based bullet drop on bf3. Velocity plays a much larger role in how it works though.

2. We added weapon systems the Marines don't use. We'd do the same for vehicles if there's a role the Marines don't fill.

3. There's a large variety of optics for each class. Not all weapons can mount all optics.

4. Yes, it's always visible since it's a balance factor. The sniper basically has to be looking right at you. [about the Sniper Reflections to prevent camping]

5. No, you get suppression points only as kill assists. The guy has to die.

6. It's possible. Not decided now, in discussion. [Question: Is it possible to mount flashlights on pistols?]


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Zombie said...

Oh man, those graphics look incredible!!

Braden said...

I like the sound of them fleshing out the weapons/vehicles. That and the large variety of optics makes me jump for joy :p

Jay said...

exciting! :)


Interesting details, wonder how the game will be.

Dwrek said...

I wanna hear more about the vehicles

HardstyleFever said...

Glad to see that gravity plays a part in the game play. I wonder tho if that's still only for the sniper rifles or is it going to be for the rifles as well.

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