Diablo 3 - Closed Beta now LIVE

The Diablo 3 Beta Interface

The closed beta of Diabo 3 has begun. If you've followed the instuctions here Diablo 3 how to play beta, you should check your mail if you were lucky.
If you are like me, you haven't recieved a key... YET. Blizzard confirmed that there is no exact date where the keys are sent out, during the whole week beta keys will be sent to players. Original quotation from Blizzard:

Are the invites done?

This is something we aren't likely to answer during the beta test. Ever. I know everyone's aching for a piece of the Diablo III action, but the testing process won't be well served if the forums are flooded daily with questions about beta invite waves. There is no predetermined schedule for the rate at which players get invited to test the game.

The Blizzard folk who are monitoring the concurrency trend of people online and playing, as well as the stability of the game servers, will do waves of invites as needed. When I say "as needed," I mean when the servers are stable and we're comfortable with the room we have to get more people in the game. We won't do waves of invites if we feel our infrastructure at any given time can't handle an increased concurrency.

Beyond that, there's really only an extra morsel of information -- small though it may be -- I can provide as to when invites might go out. They'll go out, as I said before, when we're comfortable with increasing concurrent players online. And they'll typically go out during standard business hours (9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday - Friday, North American Pacific time).

For those who make it in, I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do. We look forward to hearing your feedback. For those who don't make it in quickly, stay tuned for more information on other giveaways and promotions. Just try not to drive yourself crazy waiting to get in. Ultimately, this is just a test of a very small portion of the game to prepare us for the official launch, when everyone can play the full game!

Source: diablofans.com

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Alexander said...

WOW! Interesting news! News long expected!!!

Ningen said...

well, I didn't get a key, but I also didn't apply for this

'will just have to wait for the reviews of others to see how good it is

Jay said...

awwww yweeeaaaah!!!

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