Diablo 3 - Skill and Spell Calculator

Here is the full and official calculator for every spell and skill available in Diablo 3 - for every class.

The official skill calculator
What are the options for a build?
How many skills are included in D3?
How can I skill my wizard?
What about passive skills?
An answer to all these questions can the found in the official Skill Calculator of Diablo 3.

You are able to choose between every spell, skill, or ability available and test you favorite build or guide for your class. For example, you pick the demon hunter with her grenades, a spike trap and cluster arrow. Now the calculator shows you have to reach level 23 first to unlock all these three skills.
Furthermore, there are 13 different passive skills in Diablo 3 but you can only use three at a time. Once you reach level 10 you are able to use you first. Level 20 and 30 must be achieved to use you second, respectively all three. An example: You are level 10 so you can choose between "Brooding" or "Thrill of the Hunt" as passives.  
Brooding: As long as you have not taken any damage in the last 5 seconds you gain 2% of your maximun health per second. 
Thrill of the Hunt: Every 10 seconds your next normal attack will immobilize your target for 3 seconds. 

The Skill Calculator of Diablo 3.

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