Sunday, October 16, 2011

Battlefield 3 Maps Revealed - Part Two

After these three new maps which were revealed Friday, today another four maps are presented here: Grand Bazaar, Seine Crossing, Noshahr Canals, and Kharg Island.

Grand Bazaar
A tip for the map: Shotguns!
This map is set in Teheran, Iran. As Russians and US Forces reach the ancient city of Teheran, they fight at this control point so tight and close urban combats can be expected by the player.

On top of that, the city is already halfway destroyed because the war here started two weeks ago so you jump right into the battle. Huge tank fights or big vehicle warfare is most likely missing here although every game mode is supported by this map. Grand Bazaar is built like a mirror, meaning both Russians and US Forces have similar bases, pathes and possibilities to climb heights to get the best view of the battlefield.

Seine Crossing
A small alleyway in Paris
As a geographer you might know that the Seine, the river, flows through Paris. Meaning this map is set in Paris, France.

The whole of Paris is occupied by the Russians but the US Army invades the city to get it back. They fight right in Downtown in the rich and exclusive streets of Paris with tanks, smaller vehicles but also tight infantry clashes are included. Like Grand Bazaar, the map is split in the middle by the river Seine. The special: There are big pathes for tanks and other vehicles but also small alleyways for infantry, or small staircases to get into the buildings. As tank, your only chance is to blow up thw whole building.

Noshahr Canals
Maybe a jetski fight?
This battlefield is set at the Iranian coast, at the most important harbor of Iran's coast. By this Noshahr Canals, the setting of the map is very industrial and dirty.

It's cruicial for winning the war to get control over this port because of the strategically important location. Essential ressources and materials can be offloaded there and transported further into Iran. Key feature of the map is that you can fight as infantry, driving land vehicles, or fast boat gameplay.
If you play the Rush mode, you attack the map coming from a carrier ship and reach the beach by amphibious vehicles, boats, or even helicopters. So get your RPG ready!

Kharg Island
Oil is cruicial for the war
This island is the most important oil reserve and under Russian control. This export terminal must be obtained by the US to deny the access of the Russians to the oil.

As Noshahr Canals, this map features boat and other amphibious vehicle gameplay but compared to the Canals map, the map is bigger and more concepted for vehicle war. To get onto the island you have to break through a well defended beach outpost and once this goal is achieved, a beachhead must be destroyed before the map shifts further into the island.

For a review of the map Caspian Border, you can read this Battlefield 3 review.

Source: blogs.battlefield.ea.com


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