Friday, October 14, 2011

Battlefield 3 - Three New Maps Revealed

Dice has revealed three whole new maps of Battlefield 3: Teheran Highway, Damavand Peak, and Operation Firestorm. Here they come:

Teheran Highway
This map is set in a small area of Teheran, Iran. Infantry units are fighting a real close combat fight because the streets and highways are disputed by both sides, Russia and the US.
Niklas Åstrand, the designer of the map, says:

Teheran Highway at night
One of the inspirations for this map was a photo of a night time skyline of Tehran which now is basically the same vista that is available in the game. You start up on the hills above the city outskirts and eventually work your way into town. This atmospheric night-time map, where you can see rockets lighting up the sky, has a balanced mix between vehicle and infantry focus. It plays length-wise and starts semi-open with plenty of room for vehicles, but ends on a much more urban and tight note with less focus on vehicles and more on infantry.

Damavand Peak
This rough and wild maps is set in cold winter mountains with strategically important radar installations, meaining this point is crucial in defending the whole area. By the way, all game modes are supported by this map.
Niklas Åstrand thoughts about DP:

Basejumping must be fun here
Damavand Peak, internally known as Base Jump, is built on the idea that we want players to be able to base jump, and features our most extreme height differences ever in a Battlefield map. Attackers in Rush and Squad Rush will start high up on a mountain ridge above a mining facility. The only way down into the valley is to somehow make the 500 meter descent. The further the attackers progress in the map, the more vehicle warfare will be present. There is also a large tunnel section dug into the mountain side at the bottom of the map, and the view when you look up at the starting location is spectacular.

Operation Firestorm
Set in Iran, the soldiers fight at a oil station and like Damavand Peak, controlling this point means controlling the whole sector and its facilities. This map is huge and due to the desert special vehicle warfare including helicopters are included.
Niklas Åstrand describes the map:

Oil in Iran, everybody wants a piece of this cake
One of our largest and most vehicle-friendly map, Operation Firestorm is the classic Battlefield gameplay taken to the extremes. Size-wise, and with some puzzle skills, you could actually place three Atacama Deserts -- one of the largest maps from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 -- within the playable area of Operation Firestorm. This is a wide-open desert map where the burning oil fields in one direction are contrasted by clear blue sky in the other direction. Construction sites dotting the area bring interesting possibilities for infantry to hide in elevated positions, spot vehicles, and take them down by mortar or RPG.

Source: blogs.battlefield.ea.com


Copyboy said...

Such amazing backgrounds. Great info.

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Damavand Peak looks awesome. :D

The Angry Lurker said...

How well is the game being received?

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Mark said...

It's nice that they're releasing new maps but I don't think it says good things about the game that they had to do this already.

Tony Van Helsing said...

I don't have an online account but I am seriously thinking about becoming an online gamer by what I have seen for this game so far.

R.gers said...

Dat Cliff...

I wonder if extra maps would be free. Who am I joking, it's all going to be paid DLC for extra maps.

Hasidic Plumber said...

Didn't have the chance to play it yet, but it looks incredible. Really really appealing.

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The first one looks awesome! O_o :)

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