Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Battlefield 3 - Too Controversial?

Battlefield 3 was rated by the ESRB who say BF3 is highly voilent and controversial. Here are three main points, quoted from ESRB:

1. "characters sometimes scream and emit large splashes of blood when shot"
2. "In one sequence, a restrained character's throat is slit (off-screen)"
3. "In another, players shoot police officers to complete a mission objective."

Civil victims in Battlefield 3 - is this okay?

These controversial situations where even civilians are killed, remember of the airport level scandal in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. A small reminder: You played together with a bunch of terrorist killing hundreds of civilians in and airport. Not for completing the mission but for no reason.

EA defend their position and the content of the game, including the killing of police men. Their respond to the ESRB rating is the following, this is what they said to Eurogamer: "I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation. For God’s sake, there is a nuke in Paris! Millions of lives are at stake!!"
Some months ago, DICE made clear that there would be NO civil victims in Battlefield 3. Well, that's old hat I'd say.

Source: vg247.com / esrb.org


Tony Van Helsing said...

The whole point of an FPS is to shoot stuff, there is no point picking and choosing.

iRage120 said...

Man, I hate when the ESRB try to tell me what is wrong and right. Let me decided if its to violent, Ameruika

paintchip said...

I don't see a problem with it. There was a game made a long ass time ago(1997) called Postal, in which your objective was to kill enough police officers to complete the level. It kicked ass.

Jay said...

it's a fps; it's supposed to be controversial...

The Dawg said...

Uh... I don't see how this is any more controversial than many other games on the market.
Point 1 is pretty much moot, considering how many ultra-violent games have already been released. Point 2 is just silly, if it's off-screen, why bother?
Point 3 has been in every GTA game ever made, and they seem to be doing fine.

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