Wednesday, November 9, 2011

German AndroidForum Sweepstake

There is a new sweepstake from the german androidsforum.de website. The first prize is a Samsung Galaxy S2, meaning the biggest rival to the new iPhone 4S. If you're lucky to be German, you should join this event instantly because the chances are good. I've just personally participated to the sweepstake, wish me luck.

The first prize
By the way, the forum itself is interesting, too, even without any kind of prizes or events. I own a Samsung cell phone myself but a way cheaper version of the S2 which you can win at the androids forum.
Therefore I'm a true fan of this forum, without it I'd despair with my android cell phone.

This is the link to the sweepstake, good luck: Gewinnspiel (German word for sweepstake)


kxxthanxx said...

wow looks good

Stone Computer Services said...

I sooooo want that phone... I have a Galaxy S phone now... I would kill for the upgrade!

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