Friday, November 4, 2011

GTA 5 - First Details and Trailer

A first trailer and infos about Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto Five were revealed today. In the trailer below you see first impressions of the game and its city Los Santos in South Calidornia, the weather is good and the women easy.
Rumours say that a possible release is set to summer 2012, Rockstar themselves set a huge goal for GTA V: 16 million sold copies and a profit of 746 million US-Dollar. This game is not just a new GTA, it's whole new world with many innovations around it so the player will be able to feel and live in this world. The Grand Theft Auto series gets a whole new invention with its 5th title, Rockstar said.

Even a online multiplayer part was announced. Be ready for more news regarding the game.
Source: gamereactor.de


Bonjour Tristesse said...

Grove street for life!

R.gers said...

Meh, not really looking forward to a GTA game.

Orang3 said...

yay, so much win, I was expecting this

Mark said...

It's looking pretty good. I just wish they'd come up with some new places, and set one in England again. I'm pretty sure the Liberty City from 4 was the same one from 3 (just different) but I doubt this could be the same Los Santos from San Andreas.

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