Monday, November 7, 2011

Minecraft - 16 Million Users Reached

Yesterday, Marcus "Notch" Persson has revealed via twitter that there are 16 million registered users in Minecraft and 4 million of them have actually bought the game although it's still in beta phase.
Minecraft Wallpaper
Minecraft is one of the most successful independent games of all time. As a comparison: Four months ago, meaning July, there had been "only" 10 million registered users in Minecraft, the news for the 10 million Minecraft milestone. I share with you this wallpaper you might like, it's from gamecity.ch.

Source: gamespy.com


Orang3 said...

omg 16mill, and look where they started, nothing is impossible.

Tony Van Helsing said...

Does Minecraft involve doing any mining?

JediSwift said...

holy crap thats really good news :D

Stone Computer Services said...

Minecraft is tons of fun... of course there are millions of users!

Dwrek said...

He really did explode overnight.

Intellectual Relapse said...

This is taking over the world!

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