Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Puzzle - Can You Crack It?

This is the code you shall hack

The cyber security is getting more and more important every day and hacker groups aren't side issues anymore. They hack everyone. From the small citizen to the biggest companies and governments, everyone is hacked or their software is pirated. Although there are thousands of people who develop complex and expensive security programs for games, software, or government networks to protect themselves from single hackers or big hacker groups.

Recently, these hacker groups even tried to take town big internet sites like Facebook, but as far as I can tell, they didn't accomplish their goal. Facebook is too big to get down this easily because they have invested a lot in cyber security, I think. One would have to be a real professional hacker with high-tech equipment to crack this site.

If you want to test your own hacker skills, this is your chance. In my opinion, a real professional should solve this in a couple of minutes or less. Be warned, this puzzle is very challenging, although the task sounds easy: You have to crack the code and enter the keyword you've found. Various numbers and letters in a small grid are your only help, but I have to admit that nobody in my editorial team was able to solve the puzzle. It doesn't matter how long we have tried so far, the crack code seems impossible. Are you enough of a hacker to solve this cyber code challenge? Additionally, there is a time limit for the puzzle, two days and twenty hours are left yet, so be fast. There are many others who want to solve it. The question is: Can You Crack It?

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Mark said...

There will always be piracy, they should really just stop trying to fight it and save a lot of money.

Jay said...

i've deciphered it, but all it says is "poop".

Steen said...

You don't even know what you are talking about... This is not about software, it is about brain.
The keyword is hidden behind the security system of a british prison gate.

Taking down Facebook however is not about security, it's about computers.
Surely you could hack into it, but try looking up DDoS on Wikipedia, and you will get a completely new idea of hacking, as you may call it (Though it is NOT hacking, which is a very misunderstood word)

level85nerd said...

@ Steen:
Thanks for the correction on my post. As I read it, everyone could so-called "hack" using this DDoS and thousands of people could easily bring down Facebook.
Thanks, again :-)

Anonymous said...

Facebook hacked? There was a threat but it was never acted on.

Anonymous said...

Pr0t3ct!on#[email protected]*12.2011+

Ploblem solved

Anonymous said...

cracked. the keyword is as follows. type it in rather than copy and paste to proceed.

Pr0t3ct!on#[email protected]*­1­2.2011+

wrenstar527 said...

Its obviously a hexadecimal, a system used in computer codes. There is 0-9 and A-F represent 10-15. Don't bother doing this by hand, I tried it in an automatic hexadecimal to string, but its encrypted so all I got was junk.

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