This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to become a werewolf in The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim so you can savage your enemies.

Just follow these five easy steps to become a werewolf in TES 5 Skyrim.

They can even wear armor and boots and as weapons, your claws are more than enough to kill your enemies and tear them to pieces. You can also use your howl to scare enemies so they'll run away from battle. This is the tutorial:

1.   You have to join 'The Companions' fraction by doing one of the following:
  • Find members of the Companions fighting Giants and help them so they'll guide you to Kodlak Whitemane in Jorrvaskr.
  • OR you can apply at their main guild hall in Whiterun.

2.   After finishing Kodlak's quest, ask other members for things to do. At some quest, you'll notice your mate transform into a werewolf and you'll discover the secret of the fraction: Almost everyone is a werewolf.

3.   Confront Kodlak with it. He'll respond it's bad to be a werewolf, however, Skjor and Aela say it's cool and you're supposed to meet them underneath the Skyforge tonight. (It's called the Silver Hand Quest)

4.   Go there and speak to Skjor. Now drink Aela's werewolf blood in front of you. Congratulations, you're a werewolf!

5.   Thereafter, you're invited to attack a Silver Hand camp nearby. It's done! Enjoy your bloody meal!

Source: Joining the Companions

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Christian said...

Oh, wow.

This is a great post, I can't wait to actually do it.

GADAFINY said...

Thanks for sharing .

Mark said...

If they have werewolves without vampires I'll have to do this. If they still have vampires I'll need a few days to decide.

Orang3 said...

wow, this is great! thanks!

level85nerd said...

@ Mark:
I haven't seen any vampires yet but I've found some vampire dust acutally! So they might exist in Skyrim, I'll keep you up to date.

To Tipota said...

Sounds like fun.. This was a concise guide. Good job.

Generally Disgruntled said...

There are vampires. Little girl in the Dark Brotherhood, and I just cleared out a whole nest of them in an unrelated quest. Holding off on the werewolf thing until I start a warrior build. Werewolves don't seem too good with the sneaking

Tony Van Helsing said...

Jesus, wasn't this difficult in American Werewolf in Londond. you just have to go to Yorkshire and get bitten.

kxxthanxx said...

how long have you been playing?

level85nerd said...

@ kxxthanxx:

I'm level 12 now and I've played since release everyday 2-3 hours maybe. But I take it slow and explore the world. :-)

Anonymous said...

or you find a werewolf in the wild and kill it

Anonymous said...

can u drink the blood of a werewolf u just killed?

level85nerd said...

@ Anonymous:
No, that doesn't work. It has to be te blood of the werewolf mentioned in the text above.

Anonymous said...

What're the advantages and disadvantages of being a werewolf anyway?

level85nerd said...

@ Anonymous:


- Increased max health by 100 (non-regenerating)
- Increased max stamina by 100
- Faster sprint speed
- Wolves no longer attack you
- Committing crimes in beast form don't count against your normal form
- Immunity to all diseases, including vampirism (also cures vampirism if you have it)
- Special, werewolf-only abilities like howls

That's a quote from :)

danman said...

can any one help me i dont know were any of the places are can some one put a map up or something . if u have xbox live can u add me my name is (cross202)

Anonymous said...

That's a picture of a troll, not a werewolf.

Anonymous said...

I recently joined the companions and became a werewolf but I want to be a vampire how do I change

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