Sunday, December 18, 2011

[Guide] Skyrim - How to Play Online Mode

The online modification of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was released, so you are able to complete quests together, trade your items, or just chat with another player in the game.

This trailer gives you an impression on how the mod looks like, if you're indecisive. Just follow this tutorial with five steps to play Skyrim online, it's easy and quick:

1.  Visit dsogaming.com and click on the download link there to get the mod.

2.  Before you go on with this guide, back up your whole config files of Skyrim because this mod will overwrite them!

3.   Now unzip the downlaoded file into your Skyrim root folder.

4.  Create a shortcut for SkyrimOnline.exe on your desktop. Run it. The game will automatically update itself with the mod so you can play it.

5.  Finish! When the game has started, it asks for a username. Pick any name you want, there is no authentication yet. If you want to switch between the UI mode and the Game mode, simply press F3.

Known bugs in so far (quote from dsogaming.com):
- In UI mode some keys are sill enabled such as Journal and Wait, you might want to bind these keys to keys that are not needed in the UI (I personally use £ and µ).
- Other player’s movements are very awkward and animations are not played yet.

The modder AwpSoLeet has developed this mod for Skyrim, simply called "Skyrim Online".
But don't overhype the mod yet, it's not final so there are several bugs included, for example, animations are missing and friends are shown as naked prisoners in the game.

Nevertheless, the dream of almost every Skyrim has has become true: Play Skyrim online with others. Trade, explore, fight, everything included.


Generally Disgruntled said...

That's pretty cool, even if buggy


Has potential, would like to see a Skyrim PvP arena.

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