iPhone 5, hm?

More and more cell phones are getting into the market, super touchscreen and sexy mobile devices aren‘t unique anymore. Apple is getting big competition from Samsung, HTC and the other manufactures - the iPhone 4 isn‘t up to date. So what‘s the consequence? Right. Apple has to release a new iPhone generation to hold pace and maybe make another milestone. Around the internet there are a lot of rumors and specs about the iPhone 5. I will give a little overview on how the iPhone 5 will look in my eyes.

iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S ?
There is a big discussion about the name or whether the new iPhone is just an update or a brand new device. People say, to stick with the other companies Apple wants to first make only a update with better performance, new iOS-version but the same design. Personally I am the converse opinion. I think apple faithful remains their strategy that there is one iPhone release per year, in the early summer around June. There are clear structures: new iPods in September, new iPhone in June... So why should they change anything?

The design of the new iPhone will be different from the actual iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 design doesn‘t proved popular so much ‘cause of the antenna problems. Maybe it‘s the thinnest phone ever and very gallant with all the glass and aluminum - but the new iPhone 5 will be different in an unexpected and revolutionary way. Of course noble materials, a lot of metal and so on will be used to generate a new irresistible, sexy device to blow the rivalry away. Apple earned so much money with the iPhone that there must be enough cash to develop at least one perfect cell phone per year. Technics Another important point are the technical specs - a lot has to be improved by comparison to the actual iPhone and the other great phones like Galaxy S2. Nearly every new high-end cell phone has a dual-core inside. The iPhone with it‘s A4 1GHz CPU is old-school - so probably Apple will put it‘s A5 dual-core, used in the iPad, into the new iPhone.

Also the RAM has to be raised from 512MB to at least 1024MB not to get bottlenecks. Maybe there will be even more than 1gig of RAM to underline Apples leading position.

For two generations the iPhones have the variations of 16 and 32gig storage, whereas the iPod Touch already has a 64GB version for a long time. So why should it be impossible to raise the storage from 16 and 32GB to 32 and 64GB? A 64GB iPhone isn‘t impossible and would be a very handy thing. Display The display of the iPhone 4 was a little revolution, the Retina-display has a wonderful picture and one of the best qualities on the market. So in this point Apple doesn‘t have to change anything - except the size. A four inch display instead of an 3,5“ display with the same retina-resolution would be the next step, but because of the compatibility with all the accessories and tools it is questionable whether it become truth.

Beside these main changes, there will be some little changes like a better battery to power the A5 and a new iOS-version with some new features.

So all in all I would say we are going to receive a new great masterpiece of Apple and this in only a few weeks or months. The new iPhone 5 is going to fight for the top of the rankings again and will give a new challenge to the big cell phone developers. Source: itough-magazine

New Wichter at E3

A new witcher will be announced at the E3 next month.

Developer CD Projekt has told Eurogamer that a new Witcher will be announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (called E3) in Los Angeles. It's not The Witcher 3. A possibility is a console version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings which was released one week ago for PC. This is even more likely because Senior producer Tomasz Gop told Eurogamer they might have good news for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users soon.

Source: pcgameshardware.de / eurogamer.net

[Review] The Witcher Enhanced Edition

Because of the release of The Witcher 2, here's an overview of the first game. The review of the sequel will follow soon.

The Good Features

• Revised and expanded script vastly improves the storyline
• Graphics enhanced across the board in comparison with the original game
• Load times greatly improved
• Lots of additional content.

The Bad Aspects

• Still a little buggy
• Both new adventures are short and rather shallow.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is what this role-playing game should have been when it made its debut a year ago. Nearly all of the problems have been thrown out by the Developer CD Project. Also the graphic and performance have been improved, now the game runs more comfortably. For example the long time of the load screen, you have to wait for, has been shortened. New stand-alone adventures have been added to improve gameplay beside of the main story. Everything seems more solid and stable, from combat mechanics to the interface. And the best of all, these gameplay enhancements are freely available to download for those who purchased the original game last year.
Battles are now smoother and more dramatic, due to slicker combat animations and vivid colors that spark up spell effects.

You want to play the new released game The Witcher 2, but don’t know the story of the first game because it’s so many times ago that you have played it? Here are some notes to buff up your story knowledge of The Witcher 1 (Spoiler warning!):

Geralt starts his adventure in the citadel of Kaer Morhen where bandits (The Samamandra) attack led by two criminal characters, the Professor and a mysterious mage who steal the witcher secrets. In the first chapter Geralt is exploring the outskirts of Vizima, where he is trying to find out something about the Salamadra and his friend Berengar. Now Geralt reaches the temple quarter, where he has to solve a mystery: in which way the habitants of Vizima are connected witch the salamadra. During Chapter III, Geralt will have to follow new marks in view of the Salamandra, while investigating the mysterious powers of the child Alvin whom he rescued in Chapter I.

Geralt now finds himself in a totally new area of Temeria, far from Vizima and let most of the people he knew behind him. Only Dandelion and Alvin are with Geralt though and there are new intrigues around him. The chapter ends with a showdown between the Order of the Flaming Rose and the Scoia'tael. Geralt fights for the elves in this conflict. Vizima burns now. Then the witcher must help Shani get out of Old Vizima to the swamp cemetery to get medicine from the druids. At the same time, King Foltest returns and his daughter Adda seems to be having a relapse of the Striga curse. Geralt must do what he can for the princess, and in return, Foltest will divulge what he knows about the Salamandra hideout, and as a result, Azar Javed's location.

In the end sequence king Foltest is attacked by a masked assassin, and is defended by Geralt. In the aftermath, both Geralt and king Foltest take a closer look at the villain's face which has now been unmasked. Inexplicably, the man appears to have the same eye mutation as Geralt...

Sources: pcmedia.gamespy.com / witcher.wikia.com / gamespot.com

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer

There's a new trailer of the upcoming LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jack Sparrow in LEGO, and 70 other character made in to the game. The new trailer shows some good impressions of the game and is really worth it. Exclusive for the 3DS version of the game is the duell mode included. It allows the player to duell via street-pass to find an enemy. That way you are able to unlock different character for your game and also level them because with every fight you won, you'll get expierience.

Diablo 3 Beta Details

Tomorrow, Monday, May 9th at 1:30 pm Pacific Time (4:30 pm Eastern Time), Blizzard will reveal the first details about the Diablo 3 Beta.

At that time, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime talks about the beta of Diablo 3 during the Activision Blizzard First Quarter 2011 Financial Results conference call. What these details are about, is unknown. Most likely a date for the start of the beta and the ways to sign up for it are revealed. Everyone hopes for a public beta but Blizzard will definetly first make an intern beta testing for their "friends & family", meaning Blizzard's employees.
February 9, 2011 Mike Morhaime said, during the Q4 2010 Results conference call, that details of Diablo III beta would be shown at the next conference call, which takes place tomorrow.

Source: gamesaktuell.de