Battlefield 3 - The Battlelog Explained

Yesterday was the start of the open beta of Battlefield 3 for everyone with a Xbox, PS3 or a PC - even without key. Regarding today, the Battlelog is explained, which will replace the in-game menu of BF3 at all.

The Battlelog is a free social network just for BF3 but it can be confusing if you're new.

The huge amount of features with game creation, servers, campaigns, co-op, multiplayer statistics, weapon unlocks and upgrades are explained in this video. As said before, the Battlelog is a free social network in BF3 replacing the whole menu and can be reached in-game, using your PC, or mobile. It will ease the communication with your friends to set up a game for example. If you're a new soldier at the front, this video could help you.


Battlefield 3 - Open Beta has Started

Today the beta of Battlefield 3 has begun for PC, Playtsation 3 and Xbox 360 - exclusive for pre-order at Origin and owner of the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor. For normal people, the open beta starts the day after tomorrow, Thursday, September 29.

If you haven't already downloaded the beta via Playstation Network for example, be fast! The capacity is already at its limited but fortunately Dice is working on that.

You might also be interested in a guide for BF3's Weapon Customization.


Diablo 3 - Armor Sets Detailed

There were different armor sets of each class in Diablo 3 revealed because these armor sets were found and pictured in the beta client of Diablo 3 itself.

These 23 armor sets aren't included in the beta but in the full game, while in the beta there are only one or two sets for each class. Blizzard wants to save up their content. If you wondered how your class will look like in the early or even in the late game, this is your chance to do so. My opinion is that the Barbarian looks best with his third set, and that's why I'm going to play a male Barbarian when Diablo 3 is released.

Diablo 3 - Auctions with Paypal

Blizzard confirmed the partnership with Paypal so players can buy and sell items using the Paypal service.

There are two different auction houses in Diablo 3 while the first works just as the one in World of Warcraft with in-game gold and auctions. The second one works with real money, as confirmed earlier by Blizzard, meaning players who have found rare items could either use them or sell them for 5$ for example.

Now the partnership with Paypal was revealed so players can buy and sell items using Paypal and their services.These are good news due to the security brought by Paypal. The Diablo 3 real money auction house could have been abused but now fraud is prevented.


Battlefield 3 - Multiplayer Guide

Five different multiplayer game modes will be playable at launch of Battlefield 3, for a first review, read this Battlefield 3 Review.

First of all, Conquest and Rush are back with several tweaks and additions to suit your deep and realistic fights in multiplayer. Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch are included as well, especially for close quarters infantry fights and fiercely disputed, small maps.

Conquest is the last mode to add, with huge vehicle warfare as nearly unstoppable weapons - including jets, tanks, and helicopters. For clan wars and clan clashes the "Squad" modes should be prefered.
At launch, there are five different game modes and nine different maps, meaning 45 diverse options to choose between.


Diablo 3 - Skill and Spell Calculator

Here is the full and official calculator for every spell and skill available in Diablo 3 - for every class.

What are the options for a build?
How many skills are included in D3?
How can I skill my wizard?
What about passive skills?
An answer to all these questions can the found in the official Skill Calculator of Diablo 3.

You are able to choose between every spell, skill, or ability available and test you favorite build or guide for your class. For example, you pick the demon hunter with her grenades, a spike trap and cluster arrow. Now the calculator shows you have to reach level 23 first to unlock all these three skills.

Furthermore, there are 13 different passive skills in Diablo 3 but you can only use three at a time. Once you reach level 10 you are able to use you first. Level 20 and 30 must be achieved to use you second, respectively all three. An example: You are level 10 so you can choose between "Brooding" or "Thrill of the Hunt" as passives.  
Brooding: As long as you have not taken any damage in the last 5 seconds you gain 2% of your maximun health per second. 
Thrill of the Hunt: Every 10 seconds your next normal attack will immobilize your target for 3 seconds. 
Nintendo has published this new trailer for Super Mario Land 3D which will be released November 18, 2011 for Nintendo 3DS.

During the Tokyo Game Show 2011 in Tokyo, Japan, the trailer was shown to the public. Old-fashioned Mario jump & run action combined with whole new concepts of 3D, new level designs and challenges. If you're interested in watching the video in 3D, it will be available soon in the eShop.


Diablo 3 - How to play the Beta

Blizzard has created the FAQ for the Diablo 3 beta test, including how to join it. The Beta has started today.

1. To enter  the Diablo 3 beta test, you need an active account with any Blizzard game title attached to it. You can create a new account if you don’t already have one.

2. Access it by visiting and clicking the Account button on the upper right.

3. Then, to opt into the beta, just click the Games & Codes section of your Account Management page, and then select the Beta Profile Settings option from the drop-down menu.

4. Next you’ll have to download the System Check beta opt-in application. Running it will get you in to the Diablo III beta. If your system may change, you can run this System Check application again to update your information.

5. Unfortunately, running the System Check doesn’t guarantee you a place in the Diablo III beta. But you have a chance, use it. Good luck.

Good thing is, the beta doesn't include any NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), meaning if you play the beta, you can talk about it anywhere you want. The press can post any pictures or videos taken from the beta, so you are able to see brand new footage from D3 soon.

These information are directely from Blizzard, the FAQs can be founds there as well, see

Diablo 3 - Beta Video Leaked

This video shows the beta of Diablo 3, which start was this September.

In the video above you can see how the character creation works in Diablo 3. Further the whole menu with tutorial videos of each class, meaning the barbarian, wizard, witch doctor, monk, and demon hunter, with their individual skills and specifics are shown - everything with 3D models of the classes.
To join the BETA of Diablo 3, just follow these 5 Steps: play Diablo 3 Beta

Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo 3 will get an addon, its name and content is unknown so far. Moreover the beta will start this month.

Rumors say that invitations were already sent out, but that's not true, though Mike Morhaime explained that the Beta of Diablo 3 will definitely start in September. When exactely the invitations are sent wasn't revealed.

Blizzard has confirmed that the first addon for Diablo 3 will be released during the first three years after release of the original game. First, the beta is important.
Interested people can watch this Diablo 3 Review for a review of all playable characters and the gameplay of Diablo 3.

To join the BETA of Diablo 3, just do these 5 steps: How to play Diablo 3 Beta


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