Xbox 720 - Revealed at E3 2013

Everyone is excited about the next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. So far, there are no official information about these two, we only know two things:

1. Both consoles have been in development for months.
2. On their release date, there will already be several games to play.
But now! There appeared a new countdown on Larry Hybird aka Major Nelson's blog which is ending exactely on Microsoft's press conference at the E3 2013 in Los Angeles. The only comment is "And it's on", meaning there is plenty of space for rumors. Most likely, this will be the new Xbox console, called Xbox 720 or Xbox 3.
The picture is taken from and it's a possible design for this console. Other innovations could be 3D sound, 4K resolution and blu ray player.


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Tony Van Helsing said...

First I'd heard about a new Xbox console' I'm excited, I've had my 360 for years now

Anonymous said...

im not ready for a new console knowing my cheap ass

Xbox 720 said...

Yeah a lot will also be known on 21st of May when Microsoft will host an event for Xbox 720.

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