[Preview] Merc Elite - Modern Browsergame

Merc Elite is the new browser game by Bigpoint. It's a fast-paced multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) set in a near future scenario, including modern weapons and team fights. This is an overview about the game, its characters, and gameplay.
Heavy gun fight, the superior tactics win
The Classes
1. The Juggernaut: He's the tank of Merc Elite. Of course, he is equipped with high armor and health and should be the first one to engage a team fight although he has a low range. His shield can also protect your teammates from incoming damage which makes him just the perfect tank.
2. The Assault: The damage dealer. Do you need someone taking down the enemies? That's your class. The Assault is not tanky but he doesn't need to! He just takes down what's in his sight with a huge selection of weapons.
3. The Recon: This class is not as quick explained as the first two. Speed and intelligence is what makes this class my personal favorite by killing enemies with tactics and not just huge guns (although this is fun, too).
4. The Heavy Gunner: This gunner can shoot over long distances across the half map. Perfect for sniping the enemy soldiers or giving your team curtain fire.
5. The Tactician: He's quite the chief of your team because the Tactician can track where the enemy is and call an airstrike for example. Arms and shields are other ways for him to help your team win the game.

The browsergame Merc Elite is a tactical co-op shooter featuring several maps which I like very much. The details are what makes a game.
Ten soldiers are on the battlefield at the same time which gives a lot of possibilites for strategy combats. While you're playing you unlock new feature of the game, meaning weapons, abilities, and even new soldiers.  

Definitely something new. The combined power of modern shooter games and free-to-play browser games is what makes Merc Elite interesting. Five classes are enough to fit your personal gamestyle and preferences, but not to much to lose an overview about the game, especially for new gamers to this genre well done. 

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Scrabble Hints said...

This game looks really good for a browser game! Thanks for the breakdown of the classes too.

I love shooter games but it's rare to find one that's good and browser based. This is definitely worth trying based on what you said.

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