Have Spare Time? Try Playing Online Games

Do you like arcade and online games just like me? Well, there are thousands of websites where you can play them, and today I'm going to show you the one, where I like to play.

The website I'm talking about is playberry.com. Of course, popular games like Angry Birds can be played, which everyone of you should know from your smart phone. If you're one of the people who don't have and iPhone or similar, this is your chance to play. There are also so many other good games to play, the variety is what makes fun. Racing, shooting, strategy, what is your favorite genre? Mine are racing games, and that's why I've already played a lot Desert Drift. Your bike needs to climb that hill and of course you have to drive it there while avoiding to flip it all over.

Mean aliens try to destroy your base in Gear of Defense 2
For example Gear of Defense 2 is a game where you have to shoot aliens who are trying to kill you by running towards your base. The game feature three difficulties and several weapons to unlock while reaching higher levels.

If you're a classic shooter fan, try Turret Head. You just have to shoot everything that moves - simple as that. But the enemy is quick, so be quick, too. In my opinion there are better games to play, such  as the mentioned Gear of Defense. Try what you like by just browsing through the list and choose what looks nice or you already know.
I like trying out new games every day, and fortunately I can still explore a lot. Taking a break from work and play some games, this never gets boring.


[Review] Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is Ubisoft's newest shooter and will be released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 1, 2013. Although Far Cry 3's engine was used, Blood Dragon is a stand-alone downloadable game.

The Setting
First of all, Blood Dragon takes itself not too seriously, it even reminds me of Duke Nukem. It's set in a near apocalyptic future, including cyborgs, mutated dragons and dinosaurs with laser eyes and guns. Tons of guns. You are Sergeant Rex Power Colt, a cyborg himself, and here to save the world from all evil creatures and cyborg soldiers. The game could've been made in the 80s because of its bright colors, huge explosions, and great features such as showing the enemy your finger.

Gameplay and Graphics
The game begins by requesting you to play A only to prove that you can read! Haha I really had to laugh for that. However, Far Cry 3: BD is an open world shooter where you can walk around completing missions or just shoot the f*** out of everyone. Of course, there are several weapons you can choose from, a bow for example, as well as grenades or vehicles. You can even distract an enemy by throwing a role playing dice near them, for example. 
The graphics and animations are pretty good due to Far Cry 3's engine. AI and difficulty of the game are well done, too. Although the brightness and colorful explosions, as well as the 80s music are in need of getting used to in the beginning.

All in all Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a freaking arcade shooter with modern graphics, including 8 hours playtime. You can run, shoot, drive, melee kill enemies, such as you like. That's the true core of shooter games. Definitely worth it, rarely laughed so much playing a shooter.