[Solved] GTA 5 crashes on Xbox 360

A lot of players encounter game freezes and crashes while playing Grand Theft Auto V on their Xbox 360. Here are some tips that may fix it:

1. Delete all GTA V game data.
2. Clear your system cache three times.
3. Delete all marketplace data from storage system items.
4. Unplug the console for three minutes.
5. Install disc 1.
6. Power off, do not insert disc 2.
7. Restart.
8. Now install disc 2.
9. Play.

These steps are from the Xbox Live Support, which one user contacted. Unfortunately there is no official statement or hotfix from Rockstar but they are gathering data and try to make GTA V work again.
Especially older Xbox360 consoles from the years 2006 to 2008 are involved. The problem seems to be the console itself, not the small HDD of 20 GB, although after installing GTA there are only a couple of mega bytes left.
If you have encountered the same problem, or even have another solution, please write a comment below.

Source: kotaku.com

GTA 5 - Whole Map Revealed

The in-game map of Grand Theft Auto 5 was unofficially leaked to the fans. Rockstar has not confirmed this but the map looks very trustworthy.

It is official that the accessable area of GTA V will be a lot bigger than in Rockstar's previous game GTA IV. For the first time in the series, you can even play under water. Included are also different landscapes from sheer deserts to mountains and forests, and Los Santos, of course. The capital city in GTA 5 is based on Los Angeles, with some modifications for the game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released September 17, 2013 for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Source: gamereactor.de