[Review] Crysis 3 - Multiplayer Mode

After the whole crysis 3 achievements list were revealed, now the open beta of Crysis 3 has begun and I'm going to analyse the whole multiplayer part with its modes, weapons, its graphics and the nanosuit, of course. By the way, the multiplayer beta can the played via Origin until February 12, 2013.

[SOLVED] Heart of the Swarm Installation Problems

Today Blizzard has released the new Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm featuring the zergling campaign, but there are already several installation problems for many players. Here are the solutions for you.

Warcraft 4 - Unofficial Version

When the whole world is expecting the release of Warcraft 4 from Blizzard, a small group of Starcraft modder is working on an unofficial version of Warcraft 4. The project is called Warcraft: A New Dawn and they're using the Starcraft 2 engine to develop it.

Angry Birds Star Wars - How To Play On Facebook

Angry Birds Star Wars is now available on facebook, read this step by step tutorial on how to play it there. Recently there were 20 additional levels added to the game

Nintendo - All Release Dates For 2013

Nintendo has relvealed their official list with release dates for the first half of 2013. All dates are for the American market, so if you're not living there, the release dates may differ.

Happy Holidays everyone!

As the holiday season begins, many people are waiting for gifts. For some of you, one of the net gen consoles like the Xbox One or the PS4 may be under the tree, others may receive new games for their already bought consoles. However, I wish everyone of you happy holidays!

Picture: Yaxzone