Minecraft Doubles Its Profit

The market of mobile gaming is growing every year and new gaming apps are launched every second. Companies like King, who developed and published Candy Crush, have hundreds of employees and make billions of dollars revenue.

Besides this mobile business, there is still a huge market for PC and console games, online and offline. Mojang, the company behind the famous Minecraft game, proves this statement with their revenue of 2013 - it doubled!

In 2012 Mojang earned 325 million Swedish kronor, roughly 51 million US Dollar. The company and their 34 employees were able to double their profit in 2013 with 816 million kronor, which are 127 million US Dollar.

Even though Candy Crush's King earned a lot more, the numbers are huge compared to their tiny team of only 34 employees. Minecraft is already 5 years old and started as a very innovative independent game by Notch. All of the apps and games, which are published everyday, want a similar success and big revenue. But not only in developing and publishing, but in playing there is a lot of money to make. Casino Spesialisten is one example of them. Although it will be difficult to make the billions of Dollars like King with the in-game purchases.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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