Arcade are backs and action packed!

Early gamers are in their 50’s: a whole industry is changing face. 

Arcades are coming back and not only in the ludotheque of nostalgic retrogamers. Slot machine manufacturers have not missed the fact that the generation competing on the early arcades is now in it’s 50’s and it seems this is a period in a man’s life when he has a sweet spot for slot machines. So marketers have decided to sign with Atari to produce the Centipede slot machine. Maybe the first retrogaming slot machine ever made in this age of high definition 3D graphic.

But don’t rush to any casino thinking that you will turn your high score directly into dollars. The skills element come into action only in the bonus stages. Bonus stages are where game developers concentrate all the innovation and take inspiration from the the other branch of gaming.

For instance, in the latest NetEnt game, The creature of the Black Lagoon got a life bar and you shall attempt to shoot the Gill Man(why are you so mean?). In Aliens slot machine you shall shoot as much Aliens as possible to reach the hive and shoot down the Aliens queen. You can check those games on the newly-launched LeoJackpot casino. You will see that these high end video slots are meant to seduce the next generation of gamer who grew up with the action shooter genre and 64 bit consoles such as the Playstation. Why do I chose the PlayStation over the Nes64? The PlayStation was the console who tooks video game from a child entertainment to a more mature audience thanks to its offbeat marketing. Maybe you remember David Lynch strange commercial for the gaming console? Playstation came out in 1995 in Europe and the US (1994 for Japan) and the generation that was 13 at the time is now in their 30’s which is also a good target group for the casinos. This evolution is quite interesting because video games includes casino games for almost all its history, as stand alone title or as mini games in more ambitious games, such as RPG and now it’s the turn of video slots to draw element of game play from shooters and adventure games.

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