The Fantastic Four Reboot Castings Complete

20th Century Fox announced a reboot of The Fantastic Four franchise last year, but the start were postponed until June, 2014. Now the main actors for Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing were revealed.

Michael B. Jordan was one of the first actors to be announced, who plays The Human Torch or Johnny Storm, as the character's real name is. His sister is Sue Storm, also known as Invisble Woman, played by Kate Mara. Mister Fantastic or Reed Richards is the boyfriend of Sue Storm and will be portrayed by Miles Teller. For last of the four main heroes, The Thing, Jamie Bell is duscussed and will be most likely comfirmed in the near future. 

The Fantastic Four characters were created by Stan Lee, who has short cameo appearances in every movie of the Marvel universe. The franchise contains not only the comics and movies but games as well. Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the newest of the Fantastic Four games, which contain every main character as playable Lego version. Another example is the mmo Marvel Heroes including Thing and Human Torch as playable, as well as Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic as non-playable characters. The main villian of the game is Doctor Doom, who is also the villian in the Fantastic Four franchise itself.


Dayz - 80 to 100 players on one server

The newest experimental patch of the DayZ Standalone game brings some performance improvements, and also 80 to 100 players on a single server. Here is an impression of one of the big cities, Elektro. A little crowded:

So far, most of the servers fit for up to 40 people playing. Even with only these 40 players, most of the popular places like the military areas or the big cities are embattled. Everyone brings what he got: Axes, crowbars, knives, guns or just their bare fists.

Now the 80 or 100 people will be a whole new challenge for everyone because food is rare, as well as clothes and weapons too, of course.

The DayZ Standalone is in alpha version at the moment. There is also the mod for ArmA called DayZ, and the standalone is based on this mod bringing less bugs, better graphics, and more features. Realism is the key feature of this zombie survival game. You have to drink, eat, watch out for diseases, fight the zombies. The possibilites are up to you, playing careful and sneaky, build your homebase and enjoy other things than fighting or just shoot everyone who moves.

The game is on top of the steam sales list right now and definitely going to be one of the upcoming big things in 2014.