The Change Of Offline To Online Gaming

In a time before the internet there was no discussion: Playing video games was just an offline thing. People played on consoles or PC and to play multiplayer games your friends had to sit next to you. Today, the online gaming has changed a lot, but is it a good or a bad change?  

The online gaming sector is very diverse. On the one hand classic  video games  have to be bought in retail or online stores and included single- and multiplayer. On the other hand there are a lot of games which are free-to-play, downloadable and online, including an in-game financing method. Compared to classic video games, these games can either be cheaper or more expensive depending on your play style and the game itself. 

Online gaming brought a huge variety of games. Just think about any niche and there will be online games to play, no matter if you want to gamble, play a shooter, role play, or a strategy game. This whole gaming variety leads to bigger competition for all of the developers and people behind every game. 

From the player’s perspective, this is an advantage. For example, if you want to gamble on a real roulette table, there are only a few options close by. They can choose the admission to enter the casino and the limits of each table. However there is such a huge variety of online casinos that not a single one of them could afford an admission without losing players. It’s quite the contrary, sites like  offer even a bonus if you play on their site. Of course the classic offline casinos have a lot of competition with the online alternative many players choose. The same with video games and the retail stores: People can just buy their games via steam without leaving their house and sometimes even buy with a big discount. 

 Conclusion is that many developers struggle with the enormous competition but for the players, this is just another advantage.          

Pictures from: jDevaun, Todd Klassy