Combination of farm and mmorpg games possible?

There are several current farm games out there, which some you might have already seen. The goal in these kind of games is to grow plants in your small garden and receive rewards for it to grow your garden even more and make it more beautiful. This key element is now combined with features of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or short mmorpgs.

In farm games like Miramagia you are able to choose between different classes which will change your game experience a lot. To match the play style you want, you can choose between these classes including Sorcerer, Shaman, Mage, or a Druid. Maybe you just like the look of one class better than another? Here is a video of the game to give you an impression what it looks like and what you can do:

As in many role-playing games, you can do different quests during you play time. Even daily quests are there for you to do so you can receive the promised rewards once a day. As you can see, this free fantasy browser game combines farm games with mmorpgs and features all classical elements of this genre such as dragons, fairies, and magical items.

Speaking of dragons, you as player can choose a small dragon in the game which you will raise to become bigger and stronger. When you think your dragon is good enough, you can compete with other players’ dragons and make races with them. So you don’t have to play this game alone just for yourself. You can interact with other players by challenging them, giving them a present or trade your earned stuff with them. Of course, you can just chat with them, too. If you want to customize your game experience, you can use cosmetic items and make your garden or village more beautiful. For people interested, here is a screenshot of the game: