Bingo In The Online World

When we hear Bingo we think about the traditional offline game. It’s played all around the world by a lot of people. And it’s not just for children or the elderly but for people of every age.

The rules of the Bingo game are simple. Each player gets a 5x5 card with random numbers or letter/number combinations printed on it. Then numbers, or the letter/number combinations, are completely randomly picked by a moderator, who announces the drawn number to the player. If the drawn number is on the player’s card, he marks it with a pen. The middle of the 5x5 card is in most cases already marked on every player’s card. The moderator draws another number for the player to mark. As soon as a player gets a certain pattern with the marked numbers on his card, he wins by saying ‘Bingo!’ out loud. In most cases the winning patterns are straight lines or diagonals.   

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