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When it comes to online gaming, sport video games are amongst the most popular in the business. Every year, fans flock to their favourite stores on release day to purchase the latest soccer, football or hockey game – and the developers always seem to make a major adjustment or introduction that everybody loves.
From the best of Pro Evolution Soccer to the newest edition of NHL, avid sport gamers all over the world will have their own views on which video game is the greatest. We’ve had a look at three of the latest releases and given our thoughts on the pros and cons of these particular games; so scroll down and check them out.

FIFA aficionados were excited to see the introduction of "The Journey"; a brand new, unique concept that incorporated many of the same features as NBA’s story mode. With old classics including career mode, Ultimate Team and online seasons, FIFA 17 caters for traditional soccer devotees whilst appealing to new players too.

On the whole, FIFA 17 has to go down in history as one of the most inventive and influential games in the series. The soccer game is famous across the globe and EASPORTS have clearly worked very hard to incorporate a range of new features for the latest edition. It still needs work on realistic movement and ratings - for instance, Manchester United are rated as the best team in England but in fact sit sixth in the Premier League table. But overall, FIFA 17 deserves plenty of credit.

Madden 17
With live messages keeping you up to date with breaking NFL news and results, Madden 17 has helped to bridge the gap between gaming and real life. In the career mode, you are praised and criticised by genuine journalists on in-game "social media" – all through your personal results and experiences in the game.

One way that Madden 17 could be improved is by incorporating more roster movement on a regular basis. Sometimes the servers can take a while to acknowledge trades and injury report news. Take the Green Bay Packers, priced at 5/1 to win the Super Bowl in NFL betting odds with bet365, for example; they are much stronger with star wide receiver Jordy Nelson fit and in the side. The Packers' offense should lose ranking points while he is inactive; regular updates would help to keep everything relevant to the real life situation.

NBA 2K17
The "2K17" franchise is the leading basketball game on the planet and it is also arguably one of the most entertaining video games on the market. If you’re an NBA fan, this is THE game for you – whether you’re new to gaming or not. There are a number of different difficulty levels and various game types, ranging from 1-on-1 contests to the NBA Finals.

With up-to-the-minute updates on America’s primary basketball division whilst in game, you can keep up with real life results and news. With the option to introduce Guest teams and MyLeague Expansions, NBA2K17 really does have it all when it comes to an overall well rounded gameplay experience. It truly is the perfect game for every basketball fan around.

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