Diablo 3 - Win 2000 Beta Keys

This official sweepstake by Blizzard begins October 17 and ends December 12, 2011. Everyone are able to win 200 Diablo 3 beta keys each week (all in all 2,000 keys) by easily doing these four steps below. If you have already used this how to play Diablo 3 beta tutorial, this is your second chance:

1.  You need some Facebook account. Enter the official Diablo 3 Facebook Page as seen in the picture above and click "Enter Now".

2.  Click on "Enter Sweepstakes", sign in with your Facebook account and allow Blizzard's "Request for Permission"

3. Fill in your first and last name and e-mail adress in the official entry form to join in and maybe win one of the 2000 beta keys! Blizzard will announce the winners via e-mail.

4. Last thing to do is click on the Like button, seen now in the center.

Note: This is an official sweepstake. Blizzard needs your real name to make sure that YOU get your beta key, and not someone with a similar e-mail if you have mistyped it. Here are their FAQ for this whole contest: FAQ

Runes of Magic - Poffy Pet for Free

News-Nerd.com gives away several codes for the Runes of Magic in-game pet Poffy, for free.

If you want one of the codes, just write a friendly e-mail to me.

Normally, you have to buy this pet from Ebay, but here, I'll just give them away. Poffy will give you an experience, talent points and higher drop rate buff for two whole hours a day.


Battlefield 3 - 20% Coupon

A 20% off coupon for every game from the Origin Store, works only Today.

Exclusive at News-Nerd.com, you get the chance to get 20% off for your next order. I got this coupon during the Gamescom 2011 in Cologne, Germany. It says you just have to visit www.origin.com, order any game and enter the following code to get 20% off: