Dead Island - Gold

Dead Island has gone gold. The release of the zombie shooter is September 9, 2011 for PC, Xbox and PS3.

Techland has announced that their first person zombie shooter Dead Island has gone gold, which means the game is finished and is ready for production. Conclusion is the game will be released in time, September 9, 2011. Unfortunately, Dead Island will NOT be released in Germany due to massive violence and blood. But an Austrian (österreichische) version will be made, said publisher Deep Silver.
The game is set on Banoi, a famous island for holidays full of infected zombies. The difference between games like Left 4 Dead is the amount of zombies. In Dead Island there will be less but stronger and more challenging zombies. The single player campaign can be finished in 25 hours.

Another feature of Dead Island is the variety of weapons available, and even whole new weapons can be created by the player himself, electrical machetes for example.  Special slots are implemented for faster access to them. The player is also able to choose between different characters who can be specialized as you want. Each of them has their own abilities, advantages or disadvantages in a battle.
A co-op mode will be incuded as well.