[Review] Global Agenda - Free Agent

Global Agenda - Free Agent is a third-person shooter developed by Hi-Rez Studios and is set in the future. I've recently started to play this free-to-play game and I'd like to share my first impressions with you.

What the game is about:
As mentioned above, Global Agenda is a third-person shooter which is set in 2155. The world is at war because there is a huge fraction who wants to control the world. Of course, you're a good soldier and member of one of the left independant fractions. With full equipment, you fight your way through the enemies using jetpacks and high-tech weapons.
The story of the game is not world first but well done so you have the feeling to be a true soldier in this war.

Gameplay and Features:
This game is class-based, which means that you can create and customize your own elite soldier. I'm a fan of all this customization features, I have to admit. A normal shooter where everyone looks the same is too boring for me so a new skin or hat or boots or whatever is always a motivation to play the game even more. Global Agenda doesn't have to hide behind games like TF2.

The key of the game is the multiplayer. You can play co-op with three others to complete your mission, for example killing a huge and agressive boss but I haven't been playing co-op so far so I can't talk much about that so far.
In addition, there is a normal multiplayer including five different game modes like objevtive-based ones to test your team work. In the newest September update, there were several new features added to the game, a New Open Zone with several instanced missions and quest chains for example. As well as new pets or a new PvP map were included in this update. Frequent updates are coming for the game, a huge, huge advantage compared to other games.

All in all:
Global Agenda is comparable to TF2, for example. If you're looking for a new and free third-person shooter, you can try it out.