[Review] Gothic 1

Back in 2001 a game called Gothic was released by JoWood.

Hi, I am PartilleJohnny, the Junior Editorial Assistant of this blog, and this is my first post.

Gameplay - The nameless hero must kill monsters or wild animals and complete quests to earn experience. With each level-up you gain 10 skill points, which are used to increase basic attributes (e. g. strenght), improve skills, and learn trading. Some skills like Sneaking or Acrobatics have only one 'level' to learn, while the fighting skills (one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, crossbows and bows) have two proficiency levels. The main attributes are increased 99in 1 or 5 point increments, up to 100 (they start at 10). Every trainig cost ore which is Gothic's money and only potions can cross this limit.Your character can loot animals to take e.g. some meat. He eats and drinks to regenerate his hit points. There are many activities like playing lute or sawing wood, but these things only for the atmosphere. You can join one of the three camps (New Camp, Old Camp and Swamp Camp). The major difference is that Swamp Camp members cannot become mages. Every camp has its very own atmosphere.

Story - In general humans are fighting against the orcs. The King Rhobar II needs many ore, which can use to forge powerful weapons, to win the war against the orcs. He orders 12 magicians to build up a magical dome over the mining colony. However, the Barrier goes out of control and grows large enough to cover the entire valley, trapping the magicians themselves inside, and giving the convicts a chance to kill the distracted guards and take control over the colony. The king needs an agreement with the prisoners to trade goods for ore. You were thrown in the mining colony to dig ore. Before you get in, a mage gave you a letter to deliver it to the fire mages of the old camp.

Other - The publisher Piranha Bytes used their selfmade ZenGin engine. This engine was only used for Gothic 1 and Gothic 2.
Gothic has got good criticisms, scoring an average of 80% and 81/100 on Game Rankings, although the game has many bugs.