Super Mario Land 3D - New Trailer

Nintendo has published this new trailer for Super Mario Land 3D which will be released November 18, 2011 for Nintendo 3DS.

During the Tokyo Game Show 2011 in Tokyo, Japan, the trailer was shown to the public. Old-fashioned Mario jump & run action combined with whole new concepts of 3D, new level designs and challenges. If you're interested in watching the video in 3D, it will be available soon in the eShop.


LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer

There's a new trailer of the upcoming LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jack Sparrow in LEGO, and 70 other character made in to the game. The new trailer shows some good impressions of the game and is really worth it. Exclusive for the 3DS version of the game is the duell mode included. It allows the player to duell via street-pass to find an enemy. That way you are able to unlock different character for your game and also level them because with every fight you won, you'll get expierience.