Hazard Ops - Infos on Closed Beta

Infernum has announced the closed beta of their newest shooter Hazarzd Ops. The beginning of the beta will be in may. To get into it, you just need to do the following steps:

1. Go to the official website of the game hazardops.com
2. Scroll down and click on the link saying "Recruit me now!"
3. The last step is to fill in your email adress and wait for Infernum to choose you to get into the beta.

For those who dowsn't know Hazard Ops: The game is a fast-paced third person shooter set in the future a la Gears of War. You encounter all kinds of enemies such as zombies, mummies, robots, guy looking like cyborg killers, and huge monsters in singleplayer, co-op action or multiplayer games.

Source: gamersplatform.de

GTA 5 - Whole Map Revealed

The in-game map of Grand Theft Auto 5 was unofficially leaked to the fans. Rockstar has not confirmed this but the map looks very trustworthy.

It is official that the accessable area of GTA V will be a lot bigger than in Rockstar's previous game GTA IV. For the first time in the series, you can even play under water. Included are also different landscapes from sheer deserts to mountains and forests, and Los Santos, of course. The capital city in GTA 5 is based on Los Angeles, with some modifications for the game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released September 17, 2013 for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Source: gamereactor.de


[Guide] LoL - Aatrox Item Build

Aatrox, the Darkin Blade, is the newest champion in League of Legends. He plays best in top lane due to his high-sustain combined with a lot of melee attack damage. To cast his abilities, Aatrox uses health points instead of mana so no mana items or pots are necessary for him, which makes him an even better top laner.

Heavy Attack Damage Aatrox

You start your lane with a three health pots and a sword which gives you +10 attack damage. This way you can do early damage to your enemy and also lane a very long time due to your pots. Just poke your enemy champion to make him leave the lane so that Aatrox can farm some minions without disturbance.
             When you go back to the shop, go for boots and the Brutalizer. Both makes Aatrox very aggressive. You can chase the enemy much easier and get a kill. The Black Cleaver reduces the enemy's armor, provides you with 200 health, and adds 10% cooldown reduction. The Bloodthirster can be bought even earlier to really just do huge damage without caring about defense. Risky, but sometimes worth it.
This build gives you incredibly high damage output and a little sustain with Warmog's Armor. Aatrox is a bruiser, meaning he combines damage with health like Kha'Zix, Darius, or Jax.

Hard Lane / More Defense Build

If you're facing a really hard champion like a fed Jax for example, you should prefer this build. The same when your jungler failed to gank your lane but the enemy jungler has already killed you a couple of times.
The early hextrinker gives you magic resist and a shield which can often save your life. Followed by Mercury's Treads and Warmog's gives the enemy champ no chance to kill you because of your high-sustain. Against heavy AD like Darius you should buy Randiun's Omen.
This build gives you more defense like the one above but you do less damage, of course. This way, your whole team is more tanky, maybe giving you the advantage to win the map. Especially when you don't have other tanks, you shouldn't go for pure damage output.

As said above, Aatrox needs defensive and offensive runes as well. This way you are prepared for everything that could happen on your lane or in later teamfights.

Marks: 9x Greater Mark of Armor Penetraion = 12 Armor Pen
Seals: 9x Greater Seals of Armor = 13 Armor
Glyphs: 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist = 24 Magic Resist at level 18
Quints: 3x Greater Quintessences of Attack Damage = 7 Attack Damage

Picture Source: leagueoflegends.com

The Sims 4 - Playable Offline

Electronic Arts and Maxis have revealed their newest project - The Sims 4. The game will be released in 2014 for PC and Mac, the exact date is unknown so far.

 One of the most popular game series, The Sims, gets another sequel including new houses, decorations, people, animations, interactions, in short: everything the fans love their Sims for. Do you remember playing The Sims for hours building a house, and just set furniture in is as if it's your own house?

One of the best news is that The Sims 4 can be played completely offline, meaning you don't have to have a permanent internet connection to play, which is great! EA has shocked many fans with SimCity because the players were forced to play it online the whole time due to copyright piracy of the game. But even players who bought the game legally wished to play it offline, maybe on their laptop somewhere without WiFi.

However, the news are great that The Sims at least can be played offline.

Source: thesims.com/en_US/home

[Review] Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is Ubisoft's newest shooter and will be released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 1, 2013. Although Far Cry 3's engine was used, Blood Dragon is a stand-alone downloadable game.

The Setting
First of all, Blood Dragon takes itself not too seriously, it even reminds me of Duke Nukem. It's set in a near apocalyptic future, including cyborgs, mutated dragons and dinosaurs with laser eyes and guns. Tons of guns. You are Sergeant Rex Power Colt, a cyborg himself, and here to save the world from all evil creatures and cyborg soldiers. The game could've been made in the 80s because of its bright colors, huge explosions, and great features such as showing the enemy your finger.

Gameplay and Graphics
The game begins by requesting you to play A only to prove that you can read! Haha I really had to laugh for that. However, Far Cry 3: BD is an open world shooter where you can walk around completing missions or just shoot the f*** out of everyone. Of course, there are several weapons you can choose from, a bow for example, as well as grenades or vehicles. You can even distract an enemy by throwing a role playing dice near them, for example. 
The graphics and animations are pretty good due to Far Cry 3's engine. AI and difficulty of the game are well done, too. Although the brightness and colorful explosions, as well as the 80s music are in need of getting used to in the beginning.

All in all Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a freaking arcade shooter with modern graphics, including 8 hours playtime. You can run, shoot, drive, melee kill enemies, such as you like. That's the true core of shooter games. Definitely worth it, rarely laughed so much playing a shooter.
After my general guide to Zac for League of Legends, especially on how to use his abilities, I'll give you now several item builds for him playing solo top lane or jungle lane. Zac's abilities scale with Ability Power, so it's better playing him with an AP building order than AD.

Jungle - Full Tank
Zac profits a lot from health because his passive allows him to drop a blob which can be picked up to restore a percentage of his maximum health. When you're low life, don't just teleport back to the base, just go into the jungle and spam your abilities. Each time you'll recieve this percentage of your maximum hp, and you'll be easy recovered. Zac is also able to jump directly into the enemy team, or engage with his ultimate. When built as tank, the enemy champs can't take you down.

Jungle - AP

As said before, Zac's abilities scale with ability power, meaning you build a lot of AP to make damage. Rylai's and Liandry's give Zac a lot oh health, too, so he still profits from his passive as explained above in the full tank build.
Note: I prefer playing him full tank because he's not this great damage dealer as other AP champs (Lux, Kassadin, etc.).

Solo Top - AP/Health

When playing him solo top lane, early health is essential. This way even a high damage dealer as Teemo or a really annoying champs as Yorick can't kill you, and you can simply lane forever because he heals himself very quick and doesn't use mana. Spirit Visage gives Zac additional 20% on his health regen and self-healing effects which makes him such a good laner.

Counter and Negative Aspects about Zac
The negative part about him is that he isn't doing great damage. Simple as that. Although he is very sustain and a great tank in my opinion, even when fed with 5-0-0 for example the game is not lost yet for the enemy team. Due to this aspect, I really recommand you to play him as a tank, wherever you play him. Of course, as top laner he gains a lot more gold and can easily counter a Shen or Singed who give the enemy a good tank, too.
To play against Zac you need high damage in short time. Kassadin, LeBlanc, Teemo, or any AD carry. When Zac's passive is activated (because you killed him), you still need to shoot down his four parts, else he doesn't die. 

Pictures: leagueoflegends.com
Zac, the secret weapon is the newest champion in League of Legends. Many players have already bought him, he's incredibly strong. Maybe the most overpowered champ ever made? Or perfectly balanced yet? I've played him and this is my guide about Zac.

General Features
Zac looks like a green version of the villain Boo from the anime Dragon Ball. In game, he can be played best in top lane or jungle because Zac combines very good mobility and can sustain a lot of damage, which is one of the reason many players find him too strong. Let's have a quick overview about his abilities:

Abilities and how to use them
1. Cell Division: His passive. If Zax uses an ability, he drops a blob which can be picked up to recover health. When Zac dies he splits into four parts which slowly moves to the point where he died. If one or more reaches this point, Zac is revived with a percentage of his maximum health. The passive has a pretty high cooldown and these parts when he died can be shot down very easily. For example: Zac dies is a teamfight, splitting into four parts. The enemy carry just needs four quick shots and Zac is dead, or maybe an area of effect from Nasus and he is no more.
How to use: When you're low at health, just spam your abilities. Each time you're using one, you loose a percentage of your current health by dropping a blob. But! When picked up you recover a percentage of your MAXIMUM health, meaning you can regain very quick your health points.

2. Stretching Strike: His Q is his main ability to slow and damage your enemies. Because of his long distance, use it from bushes or across walls to hit your targets.

3. Unstable Matter: Your W should be learnt first when going to the jungle. It's Q simple AoE damage attack, very useful for team fights.

4. Elastic Slingshot: The ganking ability. Zac charges up and jumps a huge (!) distance and can easily jump from the river bush in mid lane over the half lane and stuns your enemy when hit. How to use: There are also new ways to jump for him, meaning new possibilities to gank. Here are two examples:

5. Let’s Bounce: Zac's ultimate allows him to bounce three times on the ground, damaging and slowing enemies in your way. How to use: Either you can follow your enemies quite easy because even stuns can't stop you from bouncing, or run fast like hell to escape everyone.

Useful combos:
1. Ganking

Jump from the bush to you enemy using Elasting Slingshot and do a lot of damage with Unstable Matter. When the enemy champion wants to flee, slow him with Streching Strike and finish off with your ulti Let's Bounce. You can even dive him because your passive will almost every time save you from dying under the tower.

2. Fight and Follow, Teamfights

Start with Unstable Matter to do a lot of AoE damage, and use Streching Strike to hit enemies standing behind (like the carry). Elastic Slingshot allows you to follow the champs if the want to run, and immediately thereafter use your ulti to stun the enemies. This way your whole team can catch up, even the slow ones, and your team scores the ace.

Pictures from: leagueoflegends.com

[Guide] Skyrim - How To Max Skills To Legendary

Bethesda Softworks have released the 1.9 patch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This patch includes the new legendary difficulty setting, and this is my guide how to max your skills to legendary.

 How can I play/unlock the legendary mode?
1. Open Steam and log in.
2. In the top left-hand corner, in the menu bar, click on "Steam" -> "Settings".
3. In the account tab, click on "Change".
4. Now you can download the Skyrim beta patch 1.9 including the Legendary Mode.

What is the Legendary Mode all about?
This is new feature for Skyrim and it's included in the newest patch 1.9. Besides many bug fixes, there is this setting called Legenday Difficulty. If you're one of the players who played the game in hard mode and it was no challenge for you, or if you just wants new features for your Skyrim, this is for you.
The patch gives you the possibility to improve your skills to legendary, meaning maxing your skills above 100.

How can I make my skills legendary?
Step by step explained:
1. You need one or more skills of 100 to make them legendary.
2. This will reset your skill to 15 again and its perks will be returned.
3. But don't worry. The skill is affected by leveling again because the whole level cap is removed from the game.

For the whole changelog visit the official Bethesda forums
Today Blizzard has released the new Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm featuring the zergling campaign, but there are already several installation problems for many players. Here are the solutions for you:

The progress bar is moving extremely slowly / is stuck at 0%. What to do? 
This may be a display problem, meaning the game is installing but it's only not showing. Before trying the other solutions below, please wait one hour for the optimisation to finish. If it still doesn't work, try the installation solutions for Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm below.

Deleting your Battle.net-Tools folder
1. Close all Blizzard programs (like the launcher, installer, or the agent)
    To close the agent:
         1a.  Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to bring up the task manager.
         1b.  Select the processes tab.
         1c.  Click the agent.exe process and click on end process.
2. Display your hidden folder by clicking on:
Start -> Control Panel ->  Appearance and Personalization -> Folder Options -> Click the view tab -> Select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" -> Click apply and Ok
3. Open:   
    Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\
    Windows Vista/7: C:\ProgramData\
 4. Delete the "Battle.net" folder and restart the game by clicking on its normal shortcut or launcher.
Running the launcher as administrator
1. Right-click on the program icon and select "Properties".
2. Select the "Compatibility" tab in the window that appeared.
3. Click on "Change settings for all users"
4. Now check the box to run this program as administrator
5. Click apply and ok

Disable you anti-virus software
1. Right-click the icon of your security software in the taskbar in the bottom right-hand corner.
2. Click on "Close"

Disable the "Read-only" settings of the game
1. Open the game installation directory (mostly C:\Programs\ )
2. Right-Click on "Properties"
3. Uncheck "Read-Only" and "Hidden"
4. Check the "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files"
5. Click Ok.

Source: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/patch-optimisation-issues


Crysis 3 - Top 5 Multiplayer Weapons

Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for the upcoming Crysis 3, featuring the top 5 dealiest weapons of the game. A detailed beta multiplayer review of Crysis 3 was already written by me. Crysis 3 will be released on February 19 in North America, and February 22 in Europe for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

5th - The Predator Bow
This weapon is not just a simple bow, it's a lethal and quit weapon for the stealth players. It can be modified by different ammunition types, for example electric arrows for shooting into a river.

4th - The Scar Mod 2
This allround weapon exists since the original Crysis in 2007. In Crysis 3, there will be a modified version including new attachements like scopes, laser pointers, barrels etc. The gun suits for every fight, from close combats to long distance shoots. I had a lot of fun playing with it in the beta.

3rd - The Typhoon
The Typhoon is a machine gun which shoots 500 bullets per second. Death guaranteed. Lighter than the Scar, but I recommand it in close combats. For example you step through the door of a huge building and suddenly you face an enemy. The typhoon is there for you.

2nd - The Predator
It's an alien flame thrower. Sounds scary? It is, but only for your enemies. Especially for short distance fights, or when facing a couple of enemies at the same time, the predator will bring you some double or multi kills.

1st - The Reaper Cannon
The reaper cannon is an alien weapon, too, but as the name says, a hand cannon. It reminds me a bit of Halo 4. You shoot bullets like crazy at the enemy team, once you see a soldier, he's already dead. No chance for them to escape or fight.

[Review] Crysis 3 - Multiplayer Mode [Part 2]

After an detailed review of the hunter mode in Crysis 3, now it's time to review the crash side mode, the graphics and the nanosuit of the beta. You can still play it via Origin until February 12, 2013.

The Crash-Side Mode:
In contrast to the hunte rmode, here everyone is equipped with a nanosuit on the battlefield. There are two teams fighting each other, and in the beginning of the map you choose between premade classes or your own. For example, you want to be sniper, you just grab the class with the sniper gun. Of course you can't choose two or more primary weapons at once because the balance would be gone.

All over the map there are the so called crash-sides which you can compare to a normal conquest-mode point. When your team captured a crash-side, your team earn points over team and the first team to reach 200 points win. Furthermore, there are different vehicles on the map but you can only use them in a short period.
In my opinion, these vehicles are cool to use but not necessary like in Battlefield 3 for example. Neither they are over powered, meaning Crytek did a good thing not to copy BF3 and their vehicle system.

Graphics and the Nanosuit:

Within the first seconds of the game, you notice that the nanosuit has improved. Crytek did a lot of research on it since the beginning of the original Crysis 1 back in 2007. The game ist very fast paced, you can run across the whole map in a few seconds if you want, for example. Or run to a crash-side, jump and grab the edge of the building to climb it up. These movement options make the game fast and fluent, but not hectic.

If you want, you can just grab the sniper, climb a mountain and shoot the enemies in peace.

The graphics are impressive, just as expected. The only negative to say about is that it's sometimes too colorful. There are pop-ups, explosions, the HUD, everything too much at once. It's getting better when you're used to it but in the beginning it was distracting to me.

If you dn't play it, you'll miss it because it's definitely worth the price. I haven't played the singleplayer so far but the multiplayer is done right. Play it for yourself if you're not sure, there are still some days left to play the open beta via Origin.

[Review] Crysis 3 - Multiplayer Mode

After the whole crysis 3 achievements list were revealed, now the open beta of Crysis 3 has begun and I'm going to analyse the whole multiplayer part with its modes, weapons, its graphics and the nanosuit, of course. By the way, the multiplayer beta can the played via Origin until February 12, 2013.
The beta contains two maps and two modes to play. First, there is the Hunter mode and second the Crash-side mode including an XP system like in Call of Duty and several pre-order weapons. I've played both modes intensively, so you can get a good impression whether to play, too, or not.

The Hunter Mode:
This is a new mode in the Crysis series and I'm surprised how good Crytek made it. The idea behind it is, that in the beginning of the map two hunter are determined and the rest of the players are CELL operatives.

The hunters have nanosuits with unlimited cloak, as well as a compisite bow, which is one of the new weapons in Crysis 3. The CELL soldiers can choose between three classes, but have no nanosuits themselves. Now the hunters have two minutes to kill every single CELL soldier on the map. Of course, CELLs try to survive at all costs. You can hide in a dark corner, run like crazy through the whole map or organize a team to beat the hunters. If you get killed you turn into a hunter yourself, meaning the last CELL soldier must survive against a whole team of nanosuit killer machines.

The goal is to earn points. For each second you survive, you get points, but you can also earn extra points for killing a hunter with a counter attack. Of course, as a hunter you get points by killing the enemy soldiers, turning them to hunters themselves.

I really enjoyed this mode because it's very quick and thrilling. There's no time to operate in complicated strategies, you just kill or survive. The only criticism is, that the points for killing a hunter are to low because the risk of getting killed is extremely high and you earn more points just by hiding or running away. On the other side a very good feature is that the soldiers are not defenseless. First, they have weapons but second, they see hunters on the map if they get too close to the CELLs. Meaning the hunters only have big advantages in big, open areas where they have a big range.

The Crash-Side Mode:
For the review of the crash-side mode, read the second part of my review of Crysis 3.

Black Ops 2 - Zombie Movie by Jason Rosete

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was released on November 12, 2012 for all consoles and PC, and everyone might have played it so far. But here's something you've not seen. Something new. Fans of the game made a live-action fan movie on youtube called "Black Ops 2 Zombies: Revolution", featuring guns, blood, a huge load of action and - of course - zombies. But not just zombies, they're nazi zombies! Credits for this film go to Jason Rosete Film, check out his youtube channel for more.

By the way, three days ago on January 29, a new DLC was released for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This downloadable content - called "Revolution" - features four new multiplayer maps, a brand new weapon, and the new zombie game mode including one map. So the Black Ops 2 fan movie featuring zombies is no coincidence, as you can see. Below you can see the first part of the movie.


[Preview] Warcraft 4 - Unofficial Version

When the whole world is expecting the release of Warcraft 4 from Blizzard, a small group of Starcraft modder is working on an unofficial version of Warcraft 4. The project is called Warcraft: A New Dawn and they're using the Starcraft 2 engine to develop it.

Their goal is to carry on with Warcraft's epic story line in several new campaigns, including new heroes, items and many other features. Whether they'll continue the story of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos directly and ignoring the story of WoW, or just carry on after WoW is unknown so far. However, the fans cn be excited. Besides, a melee mode is announced, but without further information about it.

So far, the game is still in alpha version but the team has already launched a video featuring some buildings and units, as well as the famous blademaster from Warcraft 3. Of course, you can see icons and the whole interface is still from Starcraft 2, but the game is still in pre-alpha version, so many changes to the final release version can be expected. You can watch the video below. Unfortunately, the PC release date of this unofficial Warcraft 4 aka Warcraft: A New Dawn is unknown. But he hope it'll be soon.

Source: warcraftanewdawn.com

Crysis 3 - All Achievements Listed

The whole Xbox achievement list of Crysis 3 were revealed, read them at exophase.com. Now you can check out what you have to do in the single player campaign or the multiplayer part to unlock them all.

Crysis 3 is the newest sci-fi shooter of develpoer Crytek, it's the third and last sequel of the series. Some time ago, a 6 minutes long gameplay trailer were released, showing the singleplayer campaign. Crysis 3 will be released on February 19, 2013 in North America, and February 22 in Europe for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Torchlight 2 - One Million Copies Sold

The famous Torchlight 2 was sold one million times so far. Its developer Runic Games reported this huge success via twitter today. If you consider the release date of Torchlight 2, it is an even bigger success: It was released september 20, 2012, meaning the game is only three and a half months old.

 Torchlight 2 is a famous hack and slay adventure like Dialo 2 and it's a PC only game. Whether there will be a console version in the future is unknown.
Diablo 3, the biggest rival of Torchlight 2, was a big disappointment for many players and Torchlight is just a good alternative. That's why Torchlight 2 is called the Diablo 3 killer.

Source: twitter.com/RunicGames
Battlefield 3's Battlelog system were hacked on December 29, 2012. This attack includes all accounts, passwords and private information for the shooter Battlefield 3 and  Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The hacker also set up several fake information about the alpha of Battlefield 4.

As dsogaming.com reported, an online survey was started about the alpha version of Battlefield 4. Thereafter, the hacker posted a link where you could sign up for this alpha, but this link was a phishing website! The developer of the whole Battlelog system, DarkLord7854, said that all passwords, accounts and private information are safe. EA removed this survey short after it appeared.
Nevertheless, if you signed up for the fake alpha version of Battlefield 4, change your passwords to make sure they weren't hacked.

Source: dsogaming.com

Crysis 3 - 6 min Singleplayer Gameplay

There is a new singleplayer gameplay video directly taken from the campaign in Crysis 3. We'll meet old friends in this trailer - Prophet and Psycho from the original Crysis.

By the way, Crysis 3 will be released February 19, 2013 in North America, and February 22 in Europe for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Just as the first Crysis game back then in 2007, Crytek will melt the PCs with their CryEngine which Crysis 3 will use. Crytek said that the game will be still one of the top games for the next few years regarding the graphics. Because the Xbox and the PS3 are pretty old, the game will force the consoles to their maximum power. Here's the new gameplay video:

 Source: videogamer.com
Angry Birds Star Wars is now available on facebook, read this step by step tutorial on how to play it there. Recently there were 20 additional levels added to the game.

You can play Angry Birds Star Wars now in many different ways: via iOS device (iPhone, iPod...), Android device (Samsung Galaxy...), via Mac, PC - and now even on facebook. Follow these steps to play the game in your browser without downloading it:

1. Log into your facebook account
2. Go on Rovio's official game site for Angry Birds Star Wars: apps.facebook.com/angrybirdsstarwars


1. Log into your facebook account
2. Visit the official Angry Birds page, via this link: http://www.facebook.com/angrybirds?ref=ts&fref=ts
3. Rovio posted the link on their wall yesterday. May the force be with you!

Rage - new DLC next week

As Bethesda Softworks has confirmed, the new DLC for rage called "The Scorchers" will be released next week. The price is $4.99 for Playstation and Pc, or 400 Microsoft Points for the Xbox.

The content is all about the bandit clan "The Scorchers" who you'll fight in six whole new areas in the game. There is also a new weapon, the nailgun, and a new difficulty level included called ultra-nightmare mode. Of course this mode will be the hardest of all, so there is a new challange for everyone to beat it. Additionaly some new mini games will be added, as well as an "Extended Play" option after you've finished the game so you can keep on exploring the world or finish your achievements.

Source: gamersglobal.de