GTA 5 - Whole Map Revealed

The in-game map of Grand Theft Auto 5 was unofficially leaked to the fans. Rockstar has not confirmed this but the map looks very trustworthy.

It is official that the accessable area of GTA V will be a lot bigger than in Rockstar's previous game GTA IV. For the first time in the series, you can even play under water. Included are also different landscapes from sheer deserts to mountains and forests, and Los Santos, of course. The capital city in GTA 5 is based on Los Angeles, with some modifications for the game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released September 17, 2013 for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.



[Review] Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is Ubisoft's newest shooter and will be released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 1, 2013. Although Far Cry 3's engine was used, Blood Dragon is a stand-alone downloadable game.

The Setting
First of all, Blood Dragon takes itself not too seriously, it even reminds me of Duke Nukem. It's set in a near apocalyptic future, including cyborgs, mutated dragons and dinosaurs with laser eyes and guns. Tons of guns. You are Sergeant Rex Power Colt, a cyborg himself, and here to save the world from all evil creatures and cyborg soldiers. The game could've been made in the 80s because of its bright colors, huge explosions, and great features such as showing the enemy your finger.

Gameplay and Graphics
The game begins by requesting you to play A only to prove that you can read! Haha I really had to laugh for that. However, Far Cry 3: BD is an open world shooter where you can walk around completing missions or just shoot the f*** out of everyone. Of course, there are several weapons you can choose from, a bow for example, as well as grenades or vehicles. You can even distract an enemy by throwing a role playing dice near them, for example. 
The graphics and animations are pretty good due to Far Cry 3's engine. AI and difficulty of the game are well done, too. Although the brightness and colorful explosions, as well as the 80s music are in need of getting used to in the beginning.

All in all Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a freaking arcade shooter with modern graphics, including 8 hours playtime. You can run, shoot, drive, melee kill enemies, such as you like. That's the true core of shooter games. Definitely worth it, rarely laughed so much playing a shooter.

Crysis 3 - Top 5 Multiplayer Weapons

Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for the upcoming Crysis 3, featuring the top 5 dealiest weapons of the game. A detailed beta multiplayer review of Crysis 3 was already written by me. Crysis 3 will be released on February 19 in North America, and February 22 in Europe for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

5th - The Predator Bow
This weapon is not just a simple bow, it's a lethal and quit weapon for the stealth players. It can be modified by different ammunition types, for example electric arrows for shooting into a river.

4th - The Scar Mod 2
This allround weapon exists since the original Crysis in 2007. In Crysis 3, there will be a modified version including new attachements like scopes, laser pointers, barrels etc. The gun suits for every fight, from close combats to long distance shoots. I had a lot of fun playing with it in the beta.

3rd - The Typhoon
The Typhoon is a machine gun which shoots 500 bullets per second. Death guaranteed. Lighter than the Scar, but I recommand it in close combats. For example you step through the door of a huge building and suddenly you face an enemy. The typhoon is there for you.

2nd - The Predator
It's an alien flame thrower. Sounds scary? It is, but only for your enemies. Especially for short distance fights, or when facing a couple of enemies at the same time, the predator will bring you some double or multi kills.

1st - The Reaper Cannon
The reaper cannon is an alien weapon, too, but as the name says, a hand cannon. It reminds me a bit of Halo 4. You shoot bullets like crazy at the enemy team, once you see a soldier, he's already dead. No chance for them to escape or fight.

[Review] Crysis 3 - Multiplayer Mode [Part 2]

After an detailed review of the hunter mode in Crysis 3, now it's time to review the crash side mode, the graphics and the nanosuit of the beta. You can still play it via Origin until February 12, 2013.

The Crash-Side Mode:
In contrast to the hunte rmode, here everyone is equipped with a nanosuit on the battlefield. There are two teams fighting each other, and in the beginning of the map you choose between premade classes or your own. For example, you want to be sniper, you just grab the class with the sniper gun. Of course you can't choose two or more primary weapons at once because the balance would be gone.

All over the map there are the so called crash-sides which you can compare to a normal conquest-mode point. When your team captured a crash-side, your team earn points over team and the first team to reach 200 points win. Furthermore, there are different vehicles on the map but you can only use them in a short period.
In my opinion, these vehicles are cool to use but not necessary like in Battlefield 3 for example. Neither they are over powered, meaning Crytek did a good thing not to copy BF3 and their vehicle system.

Graphics and the Nanosuit:

Within the first seconds of the game, you notice that the nanosuit has improved. Crytek did a lot of research on it since the beginning of the original Crysis 1 back in 2007. The game ist very fast paced, you can run across the whole map in a few seconds if you want, for example. Or run to a crash-side, jump and grab the edge of the building to climb it up. These movement options make the game fast and fluent, but not hectic.

If you want, you can just grab the sniper, climb a mountain and shoot the enemies in peace.

The graphics are impressive, just as expected. The only negative to say about is that it's sometimes too colorful. There are pop-ups, explosions, the HUD, everything too much at once. It's getting better when you're used to it but in the beginning it was distracting to me.

If you dn't play it, you'll miss it because it's definitely worth the price. I haven't played the singleplayer so far but the multiplayer is done right. Play it for yourself if you're not sure, there are still some days left to play the open beta via Origin.

[Review] Crysis 3 - Multiplayer Mode

After the whole crysis 3 achievements list were revealed, now the open beta of Crysis 3 has begun and I'm going to analyse the whole multiplayer part with its modes, weapons, its graphics and the nanosuit, of course. By the way, the multiplayer beta can the played via Origin until February 12, 2013.
The beta contains two maps and two modes to play. First, there is the Hunter mode and second the Crash-side mode including an XP system like in Call of Duty and several pre-order weapons. I've played both modes intensively, so you can get a good impression whether to play, too, or not.

The Hunter Mode:
This is a new mode in the Crysis series and I'm surprised how good Crytek made it. The idea behind it is, that in the beginning of the map two hunter are determined and the rest of the players are CELL operatives.

The hunters have nanosuits with unlimited cloak, as well as a compisite bow, which is one of the new weapons in Crysis 3. The CELL soldiers can choose between three classes, but have no nanosuits themselves. Now the hunters have two minutes to kill every single CELL soldier on the map. Of course, CELLs try to survive at all costs. You can hide in a dark corner, run like crazy through the whole map or organize a team to beat the hunters. If you get killed you turn into a hunter yourself, meaning the last CELL soldier must survive against a whole team of nanosuit killer machines.

The goal is to earn points. For each second you survive, you get points, but you can also earn extra points for killing a hunter with a counter attack. Of course, as a hunter you get points by killing the enemy soldiers, turning them to hunters themselves.

I really enjoyed this mode because it's very quick and thrilling. There's no time to operate in complicated strategies, you just kill or survive. The only criticism is, that the points for killing a hunter are to low because the risk of getting killed is extremely high and you earn more points just by hiding or running away. On the other side a very good feature is that the soldiers are not defenseless. First, they have weapons but second, they see hunters on the map if they get too close to the CELLs. Meaning the hunters only have big advantages in big, open areas where they have a big range.

The Crash-Side Mode:
For the review of the crash-side mode, read the second part of my review of Crysis 3.

Black Ops 2 - Zombie Movie by Jason Rosete

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was released on November 12, 2012 for all consoles and PC, and everyone might have played it so far. But here's something you've not seen. Something new. Fans of the game made a live-action fan movie on youtube called "Black Ops 2 Zombies: Revolution", featuring guns, blood, a huge load of action and - of course - zombies. But not just zombies, they're nazi zombies! Credits for this film go to Jason Rosete Film, check out his youtube channel for more.

By the way, three days ago on January 29, a new DLC was released for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This downloadable content - called "Revolution" - features four new multiplayer maps, a brand new weapon, and the new zombie game mode including one map. So the Black Ops 2 fan movie featuring zombies is no coincidence, as you can see. Below you can see the first part of the movie.


Crysis 3 - All Achievements Listed

The whole Xbox achievement list of Crysis 3 were revealed, read them at Now you can check out what you have to do in the single player campaign or the multiplayer part to unlock them all.

Crysis 3 is the newest sci-fi shooter of develpoer Crytek, it's the third and last sequel of the series. Some time ago, a 6 minutes long gameplay trailer were released, showing the singleplayer campaign. Crysis 3 will be released on February 19, 2013 in North America, and February 22 in Europe for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.
The horror game Painkiller Hell & Damnation will be released April 5, 2013 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Its developer Nordic Games has revealed this news today. If you don't know the Painkiller franchise yet, it's a very violent and scary shooter game. 

 The PC version was already released in October, 2012 but now the console versions are coming, too. The game features a singleplayer campaign, a co-op modus and several online options, so every player gets what he wants. A huge load of weapons are included so one can kill all the monsters and creatures who came from hell just to see the world burn. Not with you!

The original version of the Painkiller series was released in 2004 but as you know, the graphics are way better nowadays. So behold! This is a very, very scary game. It's bloody, violent and full of gore, not suitable for children.

Battlefield 3's Battlelog system were hacked on December 29, 2012. This attack includes all accounts, passwords and private information for the shooter Battlefield 3 and  Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The hacker also set up several fake information about the alpha of Battlefield 4.

As reported, an online survey was started about the alpha version of Battlefield 4. Thereafter, the hacker posted a link where you could sign up for this alpha, but this link was a phishing website! The developer of the whole Battlelog system, DarkLord7854, said that all passwords, accounts and private information are safe. EA removed this survey short after it appeared.
Nevertheless, if you signed up for the fake alpha version of Battlefield 4, change your passwords to make sure they weren't hacked.


Dead Space 3 - Demo Announced For January

Dead Space 3 will get a demo version on January 22, 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360. The final release is on February 7, 2013.

Electronic Arts' famous space shooter will get a new sequel next year. Two weeks before its release EA will publish a demo version in which you can test the brand new co-op modus. Unfortunately this demo will only be available via Xbox Live or Playstation Network, meaning pc players won't get one. Dead Space 3 will be released February 7, 2013 and the demo January 22, 2013.


Crysis 3 - 6 min Singleplayer Gameplay

There is a new singleplayer gameplay video directly taken from the campaign in Crysis 3. We'll meet old friends in this trailer - Prophet and Psycho from the original Crysis.

By the way, Crysis 3 will be released February 19, 2013 in North America, and February 22 in Europe for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Just as the first Crysis game back then in 2007, Crytek will melt the PCs with their CryEngine which Crysis 3 will use. Crytek said that the game will be still one of the top games for the next few years regarding the graphics. Because the Xbox and the PS3 are pretty old, the game will force the consoles to their maximum power. Here's the new gameplay video:


Rage - new DLC next week

As Bethesda Softworks has confirmed, the new DLC for rage called "The Scorchers" will be released next week. The price is $4.99 for Playstation and Pc, or 400 Microsoft Points for the Xbox.

The content is all about the bandit clan "The Scorchers" who you'll fight in six whole new areas in the game. There is also a new weapon, the nailgun, and a new difficulty level included called ultra-nightmare mode. Of course this mode will be the hardest of all, so there is a new challange for everyone to beat it. Additionaly some new mini games will be added, as well as an "Extended Play" option after you've finished the game so you can keep on exploring the world or finish your achievements.


Modern Warfare 3 - First DLC In January

Infinity Ward was announced that the first DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be released on January 24, 2012. The pack will also include content for Spec Ops.

Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward added at the Call of Duty: Elite show that this date is only for Xbox 360 players with a premium membership of CoD: Elite.
About one whole month later, PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 players without premium membership can download the package. Robert explained that this downloadable content will include several things the fans have never seen before, such as content for Spec Ops. Unfortunately, further details are unknown yet, so exact content and price will be revealed in January.
Certainly, the pack contains some new maps, I think.


Risen 2 - Official Release Date

Piranha Bytes had set the release of Risen 2 to the first half of 2012 - until now. The exact release date will be April 27 for every platform, meaning PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

There are several key features of Risen 2. First of all, the game is set in an environment full of pirates. Due to these scoundrels, the player is able to use fire arms and steal small items as monkey. I've played Risen 2 on the Gamescom 2011 in Cologne, Germany, and this little monkey is an item in your inventory.

If activated, you slip into the role of the small monkey who has the ability to steal everything you want. A new pair of boots? use the monkey. A new money bag? Use the monkey. I recommand Risen 2.


[Preview] South Park - The Role Playing Game

Recently, an official role playing game of South Park was announced by THQ. The game is developed by Obsidian Entertainmen and will be released in the second half of 2012 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

The newest Gameinformer magazine features this picture and a big preview of the upcoming role playing game South Park. I quote directly from the neogaf forum where a hardworking user has submitted several infos of the RPG, such as story line, gameplay, playable classes, and much more.

Further information about South Park's story, its combat system, a weapons list, and an extensive interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone can be found here at the forum of

Battlefield 3 - Patch Next Week

Dice and Electronic Arts have announced that Battlefield 3 will be patched next week, on December 6. The patch will be 2 GB big and will already include several content of the first DLC of BF3 called 'Back to Karkand'.

If you're interested, here is a list of all changes including bug fixes and blalancing issues. But beware: The list is very long due to a huge changelog from DICE.


Battlefield 3 - DLC Release Date

The first DLC of Battlefield 3, called 'Back to Karkand', will be released December 6, 2011 for Playstation 3. For PC and Xbox 360 player the expansion pack will be available one week later, December 13.

The pack includes the maps Strike at Karkand, Wake Island, Gulf of Oman, and Sharqui Peninsula. If you've been playing Battlefield 2, you should recognize these maps. They're rebuild for Battlefield 3 so the maps should be known by a lot of players. In addition, ten weapons from BF2 were included in Back To Karkand, as well as four brand new verhicles.

Players who have bought the limited edition of Battlefield 3 can download the DLC at no extra charge. That was one of the main reasons I've bought this edition because for everyone else, the pack will cost around 15 Euro.


Counter Strike 2 - Beta Gameplay

Counter Strike 2, also known as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, has started its closed beta yesterday. This is new footage of real gameplay taken from the beta.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a whole new game but the gameplay of CS will stay the same. It's a very team based shooter including new maps, weapons, game modes, characters, rakings and matchmaking services.

Valve developes Counter Strike: Global Offensive together with Hidden Path Entertainment and CS:GO will be released in early 2012. There will be a version of the game for PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 featuring the DualShock 3, the PlayStation Move Controller, and even mouse and keyboard on PS3.

In my opinion, the gameplay footage looks really good. The graphics may not be as good as in Battlefield 3 but who cares? It's CS as everyone loves it, fast, close combats with the AK or other weapons, and graphics are negligible. Look at CS 1.6. Low graphics but awesome gameplay and great for pro players and clan wars.

Electronic Arts has revealed the number of sales of Battlefield 3 which reached the eight million mark. As a comparison, Modern Warfare 3 sold 6.5 million units on its first day.

This information was given by Eric Brown, the Chief Financial Officer of Electronic Arts, during the Baird Technology Conference in San Francisco yesterday.

Twelve million units were sold to the retailers but 'only' eight million were sold so far. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was sold 6.5 million times the first 24 hours only in UK and US so the real numbers are way higher due to sales in the rest of Europe and Asia.
The release of Battlefield 3 was EA's most successful release ever so they can be very happy about this number of sales although they've lost to Modern Warfare. I personally have seen that coming.


Rage - Demo Released Today

Although RAGE was released October 4, 2011, now a free demo of the game was released to give people an idea of what the game is about.

If you're undecided about RAGE, this is your chance. The Xbox demo can be downloaded for free via Xbox LIVE but the Playstation 3 demo won't be released until December 6, 2011.
Bethesda has developed this ego-shooter. The story deals with the hostile Ghost Clan who want to destroy the water reservoir of a small and peaceful village. You're there to stop them. Beside the main story you can explore the huge world of Rage or drive on the highways and fight a vehicle fight there.