Rage - new DLC next week

As Bethesda Softworks has confirmed, the new DLC for rage called "The Scorchers" will be released next week. The price is $4.99 for Playstation and Pc, or 400 Microsoft Points for the Xbox.

The content is all about the bandit clan "The Scorchers" who you'll fight in six whole new areas in the game. There is also a new weapon, the nailgun, and a new difficulty level included called ultra-nightmare mode. Of course this mode will be the hardest of all, so there is a new challange for everyone to beat it. Additionaly some new mini games will be added, as well as an "Extended Play" option after you've finished the game so you can keep on exploring the world or finish your achievements.

Source: gamersglobal.de

Rage - Demo Released Today

Although RAGE was released October 4, 2011, now a free demo of the game was released to give people an idea of what the game is about.

If you're undecided about RAGE, this is your chance. The Xbox demo can be downloaded for free via Xbox LIVE but the Playstation 3 demo won't be released until December 6, 2011.
Bethesda has developed this ego-shooter. The story deals with the hostile Ghost Clan who want to destroy the water reservoir of a small and peaceful village. You're there to stop them. Beside the main story you can explore the huge world of Rage or drive on the highways and fight a vehicle fight there.

Source: gamers.de