Team Fortress 2 - For Free

Team Fortress 2 is free to play from now on, if you had already payed for it, you'll be a premium member and will get extra featues. On top, here is the "Meet the Medic" trailer:

Valve has announced a huge free update pack for Team Fortress 2. Beside weapons and clothes for the player, TF2 is from now on free to play, so Valve can conquer this market against games like Ghost Recon Online or Battlefield Free2Play. You can download the game via Steam.

If you have already paid for the game in the past, your account will be updraded to a premium one. So the veterans get several extra features like rare items or more space in your backpack for items you find. New player have to pay for these features, but there will be NO gameplay difference. Only because you have a lot of money invested, doesn't mean you have an advantage against new player.

The Uber Update contains:
Especially the Medic profits from this update with the new "Quick Fix", a medi-gun with 40% faster healing. If you activate "The Overdose", you'll be way faster than normal. The third new thing for the medic is "The Solemn Vow". With these the Medics can see the remaining hit points of their enemies.

In addition the DLC contains the new Payload map "PC-Barnblitz" and several gameplay tweaks and bugfixes.

The charity event in Team Fortress 2 was a huge success, $430,543.65.

As said in this news Valve had started a charity event for Japan some time ago, the end was April 6, 2011. The tradegy in Japan caused Valve to implement a charity event in Team Fortress 2 where you could buy three different and limited in-game hats.

Team Fortress 2 - Charity Event

There's currently a charity event in Team Fortress 2 for japan.

The tradegy in japan caused Valve to implement a charity event in Team Fortress 2. You can buy three different and limited in-game hats, the "Humanitarian's Hachimaki" ($7.99), the "Benefactor's Kanmuri" ($19.99) and the most prestigious "Magnanimous Monarch" ($99.99) will be available until April 6, 2011. All three hats can be worn by all classes, but cannot be traded or used for crafting.