Angry Birds Star Wars is now available on facebook, read this step by step tutorial on how to play it there. Recently there were 20 additional levels added to the game.

You can play Angry Birds Star Wars now in many different ways: via iOS device (iPhone, iPod...), Android device (Samsung Galaxy...), via Mac, PC - and now even on facebook. Follow these steps to play the game in your browser without downloading it:

1. Log into your facebook account
2. Go on Rovio's official game site for Angry Birds Star Wars:


1. Log into your facebook account
2. Visit the official Angry Birds page, via this link:
3. Rovio posted the link on their wall yesterday. May the force be with you!

Apple's official Game of the Year 2012

Apple has announced their official game of the year 2012 in the App Store for iPhone / iPod Touch. And the winner is Rayman Jungle Run in US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Japan, China, and Australia. For anyone who have never played Rayman Jungle Run, it's not only available for iPhone and iPod Touch, but even for the Android systems.

This app was developed - as every Rayman franchise so far - by Ubisoft. To precise it: Pasta Games and Ubisoft Montpellier made it. By the way, if you're a big Rayman fan but prefer playing on Wii U, this is for you. The demo of Rayman Legends can be downloaded since today in the Nintendo eShop. Definitely worth a try.


Minecraft - For iPhone and Android

Today, the official Minecon has opened its doors to celebrate the release of Minecraft. For anyone who doesn't know about Minecraft's very own fair, visit this MineCon site.

Mojang has released the official Minecraft version for iOS today, too, meaning iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The game can be downloaded in the AppStore for 5,49 €, but beware: This version is not like with the PC version because there is a huge lack of features.

You can't really mine any blocks and can't build any objects. The whole survival mode including all monsters like spider or skeletons is missing, so this iOS and Android version is comparable to the first Alpha version of the original PC version of Minecraft. If this doesn't scare you, you should buy Minecraft via AppStore. For everyone else, just get the PC version for 20 €.


iPhone 5 - Release not in 2011

The iPhone 5 will not be released in 2011 but the iPhone 4S, as well as an improved iPhone 3GS as low-budget mobile phone.

BGR reported that there will be no iPhone 5 release this year but changes are expected by Apple nevertheless:
The iPhone 3GS will be improved, maybe with an Apple A5 singlecore CPU, and will cost $350 as low-budget mobile phone. For people with moderate income, the iPhone 4 shall be the best choice and for the high-end sector there will be the whole new iPhone 4S. Differences between 4 and 4S are only rumors so far, for example a bigger display from 3.5" to 4" and the new A5 CPU.

Next year for the iPhone 5 there are other possibilities such as NFC, LTE, and the Apple A6 CPU to be one of the best high-end smartphones available.


iPhone 5, hm?

More and more cell phones are getting into the market, super touchscreen and sexy mobile devices aren‘t unique anymore. Apple is getting big competition from Samsung, HTC and the other manufactures - the iPhone 4 isn‘t up to date. So what‘s the consequence? Right. Apple has to release a new iPhone generation to hold pace and maybe make another milestone. Around the internet there are a lot of rumors and specs about the iPhone 5. I will give a little overview on how the iPhone 5 will look in my eyes.

iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S ?
There is a big discussion about the name or whether the new iPhone is just an update or a brand new device. People say, to stick with the other companies Apple wants to first make only a update with better performance, new iOS-version but the same design. Personally I am the converse opinion. I think apple faithful remains their strategy that there is one iPhone release per year, in the early summer around June. There are clear structures: new iPods in September, new iPhone in June... So why should they change anything?

The design of the new iPhone will be different from the actual iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 design doesn‘t proved popular so much ‘cause of the antenna problems. Maybe it‘s the thinnest phone ever and very gallant with all the glass and aluminum - but the new iPhone 5 will be different in an unexpected and revolutionary way. Of course noble materials, a lot of metal and so on will be used to generate a new irresistible, sexy device to blow the rivalry away. Apple earned so much money with the iPhone that there must be enough cash to develop at least one perfect cell phone per year. Technics Another important point are the technical specs - a lot has to be improved by comparison to the actual iPhone and the other great phones like Galaxy S2. Nearly every new high-end cell phone has a dual-core inside. The iPhone with it‘s A4 1GHz CPU is old-school - so probably Apple will put it‘s A5 dual-core, used in the iPad, into the new iPhone.

Also the RAM has to be raised from 512MB to at least 1024MB not to get bottlenecks. Maybe there will be even more than 1gig of RAM to underline Apples leading position.

For two generations the iPhones have the variations of 16 and 32gig storage, whereas the iPod Touch already has a 64GB version for a long time. So why should it be impossible to raise the storage from 16 and 32GB to 32 and 64GB? A 64GB iPhone isn‘t impossible and would be a very handy thing. Display The display of the iPhone 4 was a little revolution, the Retina-display has a wonderful picture and one of the best qualities on the market. So in this point Apple doesn‘t have to change anything - except the size. A four inch display instead of an 3,5“ display with the same retina-resolution would be the next step, but because of the compatibility with all the accessories and tools it is questionable whether it become truth.

Beside these main changes, there will be some little changes like a better battery to power the A5 and a new iOS-version with some new features.

So all in all I would say we are going to receive a new great masterpiece of Apple and this in only a few weeks or months. The new iPhone 5 is going to fight for the top of the rankings again and will give a new challenge to the big cell phone developers. Source: itough-magazine

10 billion downloads in App Store

The App Store counter, who counts every download of an app, has now reached the 10 billion mark (and that during 2.5 years). The guy who has downloaded it has got a 10,000 US Dollar iTunes card as surprise.

Who wouldn't celebrate with Apple for this huge success? Right, Microsoft.

Microsoft want to prevent Apple to get exclusive rights for the name "App Store" as a brand. They say that the name "App Store" is too general and can't belong to one company (Apple), and the name would already be in everyone's common parlance. They wrote 500 pages as protest.

Two Worlds II for iPhone

Two Worlds II: Castle Defense was already released, as you might know, for PC and MAC, too. TopWare Interactive has announced that this game will get a version for iPad / iPhone and iPod Touch. If you own one of these, you can visit Antaloor with Gandohars und Rogdors.
The lite version was already released and is free. The world will be expanded in the next few weeks.

'Angry Birds' app for Console

For developer Rovio Angry Birds for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad was a huge success. It was downloaded over 50 million times. No surprise that Rovio wants to release this game for consoles, meaning Xbox 360, Ps3 and Wii as well. Release will be 2011, no further details are known.

In 'Angry Birds' you have a catapult and shoots with different types of birds (with different abilities) onto houses with pigs in it. They have stolen your eggs and that's they way you get them back.

Lara Croft for iPhone

Ideaworks Game Studios has released the action adventure 'Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light' in the Appstore!

There are 2 versions, one for iPhone / iPod Touch (5,49€ / ~ 7$), and another in HD for the iPad (7,99€ / ~ 10.50 $).

Lara and her friend Totec face huge dungeons, ruins and stuff, full of traps. Besides that, you can play in co-op.