Minecraft - For iPhone and Android

Today, the official Minecon has opened its doors to celebrate the release of Minecraft. For anyone who doesn't know about Minecraft's very own fair, visit this MineCon site.

Mojang has released the official Minecraft version for iOS today, too, meaning iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The game can be downloaded in the AppStore for 5,49 €, but beware: This version is not like with the PC version because there is a huge lack of features.

You can't really mine any blocks and can't build any objects. The whole survival mode including all monsters like spider or skeletons is missing, so this iOS and Android version is comparable to the first Alpha version of the original PC version of Minecraft. If this doesn't scare you, you should buy Minecraft via AppStore. For everyone else, just get the PC version for 20 €.

Source: cultofmac.com

Minecraft - 16 Million Users Reached

Yesterday, Marcus "Notch" Persson has revealed via twitter that there are 16 million registered users in Minecraft and 4 million of them have actually bought the game although it's still in beta phase.

Minecraft is one of the most successful independent games of all time. As a comparison: Four months ago, meaning July, there had been "only" 10 million registered users in Minecraft, the news for the 10 million Minecraft milestone.

Source: gamespy.com

Derpbike Flashgame

Derpbike is a simple flash game where a genetic algorithm is used to build a car.

Every generation has 20 cars and the genes of the best of them are used for the next generation, so the evolution goes on and on. The cars have to manage a route with different ups and downs, getting constantly harder. The first few generations are almost every time full of fail, they can't manage it to get very far. But after 10 or 20 generations is it easy for the high evolved cars to manage the first 100 meters of the route. It's so addictive, although you can't do much. You can only set the mutation level in each generation. The cars' colors show the crossover and mutation for each member of the population and the number in brackets show the goal for this generation, and if a car reaches this goal, its genes can be very useful for the next generation.

Version 1.2 is the newest, but i prefer the old one. In 1.2 you can set different options like the number of wheels for a car. The old version has always 2 wheels for a car.

LINK: Version 1.0 (two wheels)
Version 1.2 (with more wheels)